Ko1's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
12,1255,422nakayoshi_forknakayoshi_fork gem solves CoW friendly problem on MRI 2.2 and later.
22,516754debugDebugging functionality for Ruby. This is completely rewritten debug.rb which was conta...
34,6684,339gc_tracergc_tracer gem adds GC::Tracer module.
45,7675,184allocation_tracerallocation_tracer gem adds ObjectSpace::AllocationTracer module.
516,69982,050debugger2debugger is a fast implementation of the standard Ruby debugger debug.rb. It is impleme...
626,23441,396pretty_backtracePretty your exception backtrace.
744,60251,661kvkv is a page viewer designed for streaming data written by Ruby.
854,91640,300yomikomuDump compiled iseq by binary (kakidasu) and load binary (yomidasu).
971,04976,233ruby-memory-usage-profilerMemory usage profiler for debugging of Ruby itself (and/or middlewares)
1083,428130,082mmapped_stringReturn file contens using mmap(2).
1187,42571,676iseq_collectorISeq collector for MRI 2.3 and later.
1289,80053,320class_statCollect statistics about Class and Modules.
15153,052102,727ractorRactor utilities.
16155,872154,302guildPlace holder for Guild class.
17156,734102,727rspec-debuginvoke debugger if spec fails
18162,20841,159rstfilterShow Ruby script with execution results.
19162,297119,826rdbgThis gem is only for namespace to install debug.gem (rdbg command)
20162,609102,727callereeCalleree helps to analyze Ruby's caller-callee relationships.
21165,001154,302finalize_blockJoke gem - This gem provide `finalize_block` method.