Greg's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
1791839ruby-graphvizRuby/Graphviz provides an interface to layout and generate images of directed graphs in...
26,4637,472ruby-xsltRuby/XSLT is a simple XSLT class based on libxml and libxsl...
313,088136,605CapcodeCapcode is a web microframework
414,488136,605bivouacDeveloppe with Camping like you do with Rails
535,41826,863envvyLoad environment variables from various sources within the Rails initialization process
654,68264,371lipsumThis class allow you to retrive "lorem ipsum" placeholder text from
759,478136,605backpackA plugin generator for Bivouac
873,07664,371soap-lcSOAP Lite Client provides support for developing clients interfaces from WSDL files.
9122,72498,702ruby-xpathRuby/XPATH is a simple XPATH class based on libxml
10123,07998,702mixrMixr is a tiny memory object caching system
11124,23198,702ruby-ivyIvy ( is a simple protocol and a set of open-sourc...
12124,66698,702rosxauthRuby/XSLT is a simple class used to give root execution privileges on MacOSX