Mrkn's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
11,1651,557bigdecimalThis library provides arbitrary-precision decimal floating-point number class.
21,9261,283csvThe CSV library provides a complete interface to CSV files and data. It offers tools to...
33,310852enumerable-statisticsThis library provides statistics features for Enumerable
43,343812unicode_plotPlot your data by Unicode characters
56,0615,568irubyA Ruby kernel for Jupyter/IPython frontends (e.g. notebook). Try it at
79,0936,485garage_clientRuby client library for the Garage API
815,70920,341fiddleA libffi wrapper for Ruby.
925,8907,620chartyVisualizing your data in a simple way.
1026,13927,133active_support_alias_class_methodA supplementary library of activesupport to provide alias_class_method and alias_class_...
1132,12146,158dlibRuby bindings of dlib C++ library.
1246,13340,005letter_stamp_mail_deliveryMail delivery method to save delivered mails with filenames that allows us to easily re...
1347,49627,133matplotlibmatplotlib wrapper for Ruby
1454,77746,158image-fileA library for handling image files
1560,89331,859pandasPandas wrapper for Ruby
1664,78940,005measureMeasure is a library to handle measurement numbers.
1770,05718,992rbplotlyRbplotly, a Ruby visualization library, allows you to create interactive plots.
1879,01446,158iruby-railsLoading rails environment in iRuby notebook shell
1983,55631,859numpyNumpy wrapper for Ruby
2097,04546,158daru-tdInteractive data analysis with Daru and Treasure Data.
21111,55546,158exception_utilitiesUtilities for handling exceptions
22112,25146,158kernel_letProvide Kernel#let for binding names and values as block-local method
23116,86946,158juliaJulia on Ruby
24120,84046,158mnistUtilities for MNIST handwritten digits data
25134,80746,158racudaRuby Adapted CUDA
26139,02246,158IMFIMF is a library that provides image manipulation framework for Ruby scripts.
27139,68846,158string_freeze_opsIntroducing String#-@ and String#+@ for freezing and defreezing a string
28149,39646,158comprehensionProvide Proc#comprehension
30154,15246,158red-datasets-daruRed Datasets Daru adds `#to_daru` method to each dataset in Red Datasets. Using this m...
31155,89546,158mxnetMXNet binding for Ruby
32156,43246,158scikit-learnscikit-learn wrapper for Ruby