Zuk's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
13,6536,487rubycas-clientClient library for the Central Authentication Service (CAS) protocol.
214,26264,371campingmicro mighty websites for anyone
318,24420,451rubycas-serverProvides single sign-on authentication for web applications using the CAS protocol.
429,50854,945really-confySimple YAML configuration loader
530,74277,462rubycas-client-railsRails plugin for using the RubyCAS-Client as a controller filter.
633,63933,627reststops.summary = %q{Convenient RESTfulness for all your Camping needs (i.e. makes it easy to...
740,85939,356rubyweatherRubyWeather is a Ruby library for fetching weather forecast data from weather.com. The ...
841,173136,605camping-omnibusthe camping meta-package for updating ActiveRecord, Mongrel and SQLite3 bindings
958,55154,945opticonPeace of mind through automated monitoring of your HTTP services.
1059,08954,945restrA very simple REST client.
1170,06954,945golem_statemachineAdds finite state machine behaviour to Ruby classes. Meant as an alternative to acts_as...
1275,22977,462jasperserver-clientRuby-based client for JasperServer. Allows for requesting and fetching reports using Ru...
1384,91177,462restful_jsonpNormally Rails/Rack only checks the '_method' parameter in POST requests, but JSONP req...
14133,08398,702rollcall-prosodyRollcall plugin for integration with the Prosody XMPP server