Jetviper21's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
15941,544compassCompass is a Sass-based Stylesheet Framework that streamlines the creation and maintena...
28031,599compass-import-onceChanges the behavior of Sass's @import directive to only import a file once.
38201,620compass-coreThe Compass core stylesheet library and minimum required ruby extensions. This library ...
41,1151,984compass-railsIntegrate Compass into Rails 3.0 and up.
54,9777,995compass-blueprintCompass extension for blueprint css framework
624,24330,357growl_notifyGrowl gem for ruby based on the applescript api
739,21330,357compass-growlAdd growl notifications for compass
823,80416,691flowplayerFlowplayer helper for Rails 3
944,31330,357sassy_hashSassyHash is a Hash extension that is directly injectable into a Sass::Script::Value::Map
1053,05030,357tesseractRuby wrapper for google tesseract
1170,62530,357serialy-sassyDeserializ a json or yaml file into a sass map
1277,17230,357compass-themesOut of the box designs using the compass css framework
1378,82830,357compass-rmagick-engineDrop in rmagick sprite engine for compass
14109,59230,357compass-themeCompass Stylesheets for documentation site and extension repo
15119,04030,357safe_forkSafe forking for active record
1698,79041,211sass-concatConcatenates a sass project into a single file by resolving @imports into a single file...