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#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
11,3572,553ar-octopusThis gem allows you to use sharded databases with ActiveRecord. This also provides a in...
24,0775,539refile-s3Amazon S3 backend for the Refile gem
34,3273,667refile-mini_magickImage processing via MiniMagick for Refile
44,9055,788refileSimple and powerful file upload library
57,02812,301cpf_validatorCPF validation for ActiveModel
67,27531,545minitest-colorizeColorize MiniTest output and show failing tests instantly
79,72815,507cnpj_validatorCNPJ validation for ActiveModel
812,6954,038capybara-celerityCapybara driver for celerity
913,23019,728activerecord-connectionsA new way to manage multi-tenant applications based on multiples databases
1013,75734,975refile-memoryIn memory backend for Refile
1124,60634,975foneticaBuscaBR algorithm which allow the comparison of words based on their phonetic likeness
1231,77734,975refile-fogFog backend for Refile
1331,94331,545mail_validatorMail validation for ActiveModel
1432,70623,779uri_validatorURI validation for ActiveModel
1537,06734,975machinist-cachingObject caching for machinist
1638,21534,975capybara-culerityCapybara driver for culerity
1739,63734,975has_breadcrumbshas_breadcrumbs is a simple plugin that adds a `breadcrumb` object into controllers and...
1841,28634,975presence_at_least_one_validatorPresence at least one validation for ActiveModel
1941,63831,545range_sentence_parserParser for range sentences like '1990; 1995-2000; 2005'
2046,06534,975validates_as_cnpjCNPJ validation for ActiveModel
2171,49134,975validates_as_uriURI validation for ActiveModel
2272,23334,975validates_as_cpfCPF validation for ActiveModel
2387,86334,975formtastic_masked_inputMaskedInput for formtastic
2494,78934,975has_breadcrumbhas_breadcrumbs is a simple plugin that adds a `breadcrumb` object into controllers and...
2596,43934,975gnubarcodeThis rubygem does not have a description or summary.
2699,71234,975validates_as_mailMail validation for ActiveModel
27107,25334,975permittedAuthorization for ruby apps using roles concept
28145,19834,975abstract_builderAbstractBuilder gives you a simple DSL for declaring structures that beats manipulating...