Indirect's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
111bundlerBundler manages an application's dependencies through its entire life, across many mach...
233233rubygems-updateA package (also known as a library) contains a set of functionality that can be invok...
3117268jquery-railsThis gem provides jQuery and the jQuery-ujs driver for your Rails 4+ application.
48111,226haml-railsHaml-rails provides Haml generators for Rails 5. It also enables Haml as the templating...
53,0572,615gistProvides a single function (Gist.gist) that uploads a gist.
64,0553,684compact_indexBackend for compact index
74,6085,444rails-footnotesEvery Rails page has footnotes that gives information about your application and links ...
85,0937,635rails3-generatorsRails 3 compatible generators for gems that don't have them yet
921,10219,635gemstashGemstash acts as a local RubyGems server, caching copies of gems from auto...
1024,366154,378bundler08An easy way to vendor gem dependencies
1135,67951,337unpwnKeeps passwords from being easily hackable.
1235,907154,378brewbygemsAdds RubyGems post-install and post-uninstall hooks to update Homebrew bin/ symlinks
1337,27834,374sparksYet another Campfire client. Because oh my god so many dependencies.
1437,43228,032rails3-footnotesAdds footnotes to each page in your Rails app, containing useful development informatio...
1576,31751,337lita-tweetTweeting for Lita
1687,795154,378daneelDaneel is a chatbot inspired by the late, lamented Wesabot. And also Hubot.
1790,10269,565indirect-webratWebrat lets you quickly write expressive and robust acceptance tests for a Ruby web app...
18102,586154,378dm-activemodelMake sure DataMapper acts like an ActiveModel
19108,997108,081sidekiq-dynamicSidekiq-dynamic creates a subclass of Sidekiq::Worker, named Sidekiq::Dynamic::Worker, ...
20113,209154,378compact_index_clientThe client for the new Bundler compact index format.
21115,387108,081indirect-jekyllJekyll is a simple, blog aware, static site generator.
22122,415108,081sidekiq-mailerModule for Rails mailers that sends the mail in the background. Adapted from the resque...
23124,109108,081illformed_requirementThis gem has a gemspec that causes the dreaded 'Illformed requirement' error.
24126,81669,565rails6-footnotesEvery Rails page has footnotes that gives information about your application and links ...
25143,12969,565indirectA CLI business card
26144,569108,081bundler-macexclude your bundle from Time Machine and Spotlight on macOS
27158,620108,081indirect-machinistFixtures aren't fun. Machinist is.
28161,032108,081indirect-push-testtests pushing gems
29163,617154,378creditCRDT-based data structures, inspired by
30168,175108,081guard-erb_lintGuard plugin for erb_lint
31169,779108,081prereleaseA gem with only a prerelease version.
32172,22584,442segiddins-test: Write a longer description or delete this line.
33173,892108,081indirect-goodWrite a longer description or delete this line.
34175,397154,378devise-unpwnDevise extension that checks user passwords against the HaveIBeenPwned dataset.
35175,411154,378devise-passkeyAllow Devise users to authenticate via webauthn-compliant passkeys, like Yubikey, FaceI...