Mpasternacki's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
16,7417,326chef-helpersA collection of helper methods to use in Opscode Chef recipes
213,87043,231minigitA simple Ruby interface for Git
328,81329,683evokerEvoker is an add-on to Rake to download and manage project's external dependencied, upd...
430,926136,605vendorificatorVendor everything. Stay sane.
538,944136,605wordpress-comRuby client for REST API
641,893136,605capistrano-offroadCapistrano-offroad is a support package for using Capistrano with non-rails projects. ...
760,52054,945resque-pool-dynamicA class to dynamically manage number of processes and status in the resque pool with a ...
863,53648,371knife-dns-updateUpdates DNS based on Chef database
971,97954,945knife-annexKnife plugin implementing a git-annex backend in chef-vault
1090,30077,462knife-dwimRun a correct knife command to upload file to Chef server
1194,111136,605tinyconfigLibrary for defining Ruby-based configuration files
1296,99077,462metarakeA Rake extension to build multiple separate projects, published outside the repository
13101,37377,462knife-briefcaseKnife plugin to store GPG-encrypted data in Chef data bag
14120,193136,605checklistMulti-step checklist execution
15125,49798,702gitconfigKeep your local configuration in git's config
16127,27598,702gitconfig-highlineHighline integration for gitconfig
17141,69898,702ipscriptablesRuby-driven IPTables