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1911rackRack provides a minimal, modular and adaptable interface for developing web application...
23418multipart-postUse with Net::HTTP to do multipart form postspec. IO values that have #content_type, #o...
37786rb-inotifyA Ruby wrapper for Linux inotify, using FFI
410270nio4rCross-platform asynchronous I/O primitives for scalable network clients and servers. In...
5127103listenThe Listen gem listens to file modifications and notifies you about the changes. Works ...
6145147timersSchedule procs to run after a certain time, or at periodic intervals, using any API tha...
7760271http-acceptParse Accept and Accept-Language HTTP headers.
81,8142,256facetsFacets is the premier collection of extension methods for the Ruby programming language...
93,0812,793rubydnsRubyDNS provides a rule-based DSL for implementing DNS servers, built on top of `Async:...
103,1241,837asyncA concurrency framework for Ruby.
113,2441,854async-ioProvides support for asynchonous TCP, UDP, UNIX and SSL sockets.
123,2631,863consoleBeautiful logging for Ruby.
134,4352,638async-dnsAsync::DNS provides a high-performance DNS client resolver and server which can be ea...
144,6162,372async-httpA HTTP client and server library.
154,6913,866cloudflareA Ruby wrapper for the Cloudflare API.
165,60534,519rexecRExec stands for Remote Execute and provides support for executing processes both loc...
176,0103,625protocol-httpProvides abstractions to handle HTTP protocols.
186,0523,661protocol-http2A low level implementation of the HTTP/2 protocol.
196,0853,629protocol-http1A low level implementation of the HTTP/1 protocol.
206,23433,184utopiaUtopia is a framework for building dynamic content-driven websites.
216,7553,661protocol-hpackA compresssor and decompressor for HTTP 2.0 HPACK.
227,6658,997booleanThis gem extends core classes, adding helpful methods for working with Booleans (such a...
237,9054,630process-groupRun and manage multiple processes in separate fibers with predictable behaviour.
248,1736,021falconA fast, asynchronous, rack-compatible web server.
258,4835,365graphvizA lightweight interface for generating graphs with Graphviz.
268,6414,499http-protocolProvides abstractions to handle HTTP1 and HTTP2 protocols.
279,2724,514http-hpackA compresssor and decompressor for HTTP 2.0 HPACK.
289,9394,888async-restA library for RESTful clients (and hopefully servers).
299,99456,553teapotTeapot is a tool for managing complex cross-platform builds. It provides advanced pack...
3010,1324,265async-websocketAn async websocket library on top of websocket-driver.
3110,3876,002samovarSamovar is a flexible option parser excellent support for sub-commands and help documen...
3210,9174,855async-containerAbstract container-based parallelism using threads and processes where appropriate.
3311,3585,984mappingMap model objects based on their class to a given output model. Useful for versioning e...
3412,3035,159build-environmentA nested hash data structure for controlling build environments.
3512,3735,945localhostManage a local certificate authority for self-signed localhost development servers.
3613,2835,722process-pipelineExecute composable shell-like pipelines.
3714,2686,969build-filesBuild::Files is a set of idiomatic classes for dealing with paths and monitoring direct...
3814,30934,519trenniA fast native templating system that compiles directly to Ruby code.
3917,0027,070build-graphBuild::Graph is a framework for managing file-system based build processes. It provides...
4018,47656,553fingerprintFingerprint is a tool for creating checksums of entire directory structures, and compar...
4118,51633,184dbA low level database access gem.
4218,53656,553trenni-formattersFormatters for Trenni, to assist with typical views and form based interfaces.
4318,67617,447protocol-websocketA low level implementation of the WebSocket protocol.
4419,1667,398buildBuild is a framework for working with task based build systems.
4519,40310,526rack-test-bodyAdd Rack::MockResponse#parsed_body and helpers to facilite testing.
4620,2147,665coveredA modern approach to code coverage.
4720,34748,693latinumProvides immutable resource and money computations.
4821,1107,947bakeA replacement for rake with a simpler syntax.
4921,4978,489async-rspecHelpers for writing specs against the async gem.
5021,69642,361process-daemon`Process::Daemon` is a stable and helpful base class for long running tasks and daemons...
5122,11048,693relaxo-modelA model layer for the relaxo document database.
5223,03056,553ffi-mysqlA pure ffi binding for mysql. This gem should be compatible with the MySQL/Ruby gem.
5324,53856,553lsyncLSync is a tool for scripted synchronization and backups.
5424,78156,553eventBeautiful logging for Ruby.
5528,02848,693ffi-clangRuby FFI bindings for libclang C interface.
5628,71548,693relaxoRelaxo is versioned document database built on top of git.
5730,10631,059docsDocumentation generator with support for including code examples and compiling them at ...
5831,38715,661guard-falconA guard plugin to run an instance of the falcon web server.
5932,37615,833build-makefileBuild::Makefile is a simple Makefile parser and can be used to extract dependencies fro...
6032,69926,455rspec-filesRSpec helpers for buffering and detecting file descriptor leaks.
6132,92426,455rspec-memoryRSpec helpers for checking memory allocations.
6232,92931,976activerecord-rackProvides connection management for Rack applications using ActiveRecord.
6334,52156,553geospatialProvides abstractions for dealing with geographical locations efficiently
6436,9359,695cloudflare-dns-updateA dyndns client for Cloudflare.
6539,64942,361rack-freezeProvides a policy for frozen rack middleware.
6639,65726,455activerecord-migrationsProvides a opinionated migration wrapper for ActiveRecord 5+
6740,47410,711async-redisA Redis client library.
6842,13056,553variantA policy gem for selecting different environments.
6942,63456,553xapian-coreProvides Xapian libraries and Ruby bindings.
7042,84215,833async-awaitImplements the async/await pattern on top of async :)
7143,44456,553xapian-indexerXapian::Indexer provides a flexible spider for indexing resources.
7243,51115,661async-processAsynchronous process spawning.
7348,59756,553relaxo-query-serverRelaxo Query Server is a query server for CouchDB which provides full support for map/...
7448,7499,876async-http-faradayProvides an adaptor between async-http and faraday.
7548,76356,553utopia-tags-galleryUtopia is a website generation framework which provides a robust set of tools to buil...
7651,6349,577benchmark-httpAn asynchronous benchmark toolbox for modern HTTP servers.
7752,37019,998colladaThis library provides support for loading and processing data from Collada Digital As...
7852,44856,553utopia-tags-google-analyticsUtopia is a website generation framework which provides a robust set of tools to buil...
7954,26114,648build-dependencyA set of data structures and algorithms for dependency resolution.
8055,42944,826vipsProvides pre-compiled binaries for libvips.
8157,66242,361protocol-redisA transport agnostic RESP protocol client/server.
8259,22048,693periodicalPeriodical is a simple framework for working with durations and periods.
8360,16527,203falcon-capybaraUse the falcon web server to run capybara/selenium tests.
8460,16556,553rackulaGenerate a static site from any rackup compatible application.
8560,58756,553xapian-rackXapian::Rack provides indexing and searching integration with Rack.
8660,93256,553vips-thumbnailConvenient thumbnail resizing using libvips.
8767,00142,361dataAccess to the rawdata API
8867,68056,553utopia-galleryA gallery tag for use with the Utopia web framework.
8972,71056,553post_remote_logA simple messaging system built on top of Ruby, designed for system administration.
9078,67127,203build-uriHandle absolute URIs, triples and file paths uniformly.
9179,97127,203build-textText substitutions and merging.
9280,93127,203celluloid-dnsCelluloid::DNS provides a high-performance DNS client resolver and server which can b...
9382,43248,693geospatial-kmlRead geo data from keyhole markup language files.
9485,20027,203betatestA fork of minitest with less bugs.
9585,43231,976activerecord-configurationsSimplified multi-DSN configuration for ActiveRecord 5+
9685,97956,553utopia-extrasUtopia is a website generation framework which provides a robust set of tools to build...
9786,58056,553trenni-sanitizeSanitize markdown according to a set of rules.
9887,91917,902async-slackBuild Slack bots and use real time messaging.
9993,88856,553network-monitorA tool for monitoring network ports for both throughput and errors.
10095,37956,553syncoSynco is a tool for scripted synchronization and backups.
101102,00056,553gpstoolA framework for processing GPS data.
102112,34956,553trenni-markdownA markdown parser and literate programming code generator.
103118,42056,553time-zoneComputes timezones using the system TZ environment variable.
104130,56956,553utopia-websocketA basic rack.hijack websocket implementation with synchronous execution within rack.
105135,87756,553mime-types-miniA native implementation of mime-types which improves both memory usage and performance.
106139,40256,553git-timesheetComputes a timesheet for a given set of git repositories.
107142,99956,553plottyDraw graphs from data gathered by executing commands
108143,38556,553rack-test-jsonAdd Rack::MockResponse#as_json to facilite testing.
109143,60656,553utopia-analyticsUtopia is a website generation framework which provides a robust set of tools to buil...
110147,03134,519async-mysqlAccess mysql without blocking.
111148,01356,553trenni-wordsProvides a basic profanity/obscenity filter.
112149,13256,553migrateGeneric library to support migrations.
113150,85114,986async-postgresAccess postgres without blocking.
114154,78034,519async-workerNon-blocking thread-pool based workers for blocking operations.
115156,48356,553vulkanA wrapper for Vulkan, the graphics API.