Ioquatix's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
11216rackRack provides a minimal, modular and adaptable interface for developing web application...
23026multipart-postA multipart form post accessory for Net::HTTP.
33959rack-testRack::Test is a small, simple testing API for Rack apps. It can be used on its own or a...
48073nio4rCross-platform asynchronous I/O primitives for scalable network clients and servers. In...
584122rb-inotifyA Ruby wrapper for Linux inotify, using FFI
6121127listenThe Listen gem listens to file modifications and notifies you about the changes. Works ...
7154126timersPure Ruby one-shot and periodic timers.
8205195thinA thin and fast web server
9231130http-acceptParse Accept and Accept-Language HTTP headers.
105541,649rack-cacheRack::Cache is suitable as a quick drop-in component to enable HTTP caching for Rack-ba...
111,540895consoleBeautiful logging for Ruby.
121,542905asyncA concurrency framework for Ruby.
131,587924async-ioProvides support for asynchonous TCP, UDP, UNIX and SSL sockets.
141,653893fiber-localProvides a class-level mixin to make fiber local state easy.
152,0361,032async-websocketAn async websocket library on top of websocket-driver.
162,244986io-eventAn event loop.
172,3952,428facetsFacets is the premier collection of extension methods for the Ruby programming language...
182,8392,018async-httpA HTTP client and server library.
192,9752,017protocol-httpProvides abstractions to handle HTTP protocols.
202,9942,029protocol-http1A low level implementation of the HTTP/1 protocol.
213,0092,032protocol-http2A low level implementation of the HTTP/2 protocol.
223,0722,028protocol-hpackA compresssor and decompressor for HTTP 2.0 HPACK.
233,1532,041async-poolA singleplex and multiplex resource pool for implementing robust clients.
243,3312,808rubydnsRubyDNS provides a rule-based DSL for implementing DNS servers, built on top of `Async:...
253,5674,094async-dnsAn easy to use DNS client resolver and server for Ruby.
264,6024,453cloudflareA Ruby wrapper for the Cloudflare API.
274,8714,030process-groupRun and manage multiple processes in separate fibers with predictable behaviour.
284,9344,019graphvizA lightweight interface for generating graphs with Graphviz.
294,9674,336async-restA library for RESTful clients (and hopefully servers).
305,1114,098process-terminalProvide access to libc terminal funtions.
315,1474,027process-pipelineExecute composable shell-like pipelines.
325,2842,074tracesApplication instrumentation and tracing.
335,4262,952async-http-faradayProvides an adaptor between async-http and faraday.
346,0403,449thread-localProvides a class-level mixin to make thread local state easy.
356,5546,091falconA fast, asynchronous, rack-compatible web server.
366,83916,184utopiaUtopia is a framework for building dynamic content-driven websites.
377,2113,912samovarSamovar is a flexible option parser excellent support for sub-commands and help documen...
387,3214,203localhostManage a local certificate authority for self-signed localhost development servers.
397,35110,930async-awaitImplements the async/await pattern on top of async :)
407,5103,902mappingMap model objects based on their class to a given output model. Useful for versioning e...
417,6704,832async-containerAbstract container-based parallelism using threads and processes where appropriate.
427,91224,843rexecRExec stands for Remote Execute and provides support for executing processes both loc...
438,2408,492booleanThis gem extends core classes, adding helpful methods for working with Booleans (such a...
448,3814,977build-environmentA nested hash data structure for controlling build environments.
458,6554,615protocol-websocketA low level implementation of the WebSocket protocol.
469,5795,024async-http-cacheStandard-compliant cache for async-http.
479,8084,999process-metricsProvide detailed OS-specific process metrics.
4810,1724,183bakeA replacement for rake with a simpler syntax.
4910,28324,843http-protocolProvides abstractions to handle HTTP1 and HTTP2 protocols.
5010,3964,404async-rspecHelpers for writing specs against the async gem.
5110,69564,361teapotTeapot is a tool for managing complex cross-platform builds.
5211,0215,647build-filesAbstractions for handling and mapping paths.
5312,45564,361http-hpackA compresssor and decompressor for HTTP 2.0 HPACK.
5412,8894,410rspec-filesRSpec helpers for buffering and detecting file descriptor leaks.
5512,9885,698decodeCode analysis for documentation generation.
5613,0904,391rspec-memoryRSpec helpers for checking memory allocations.
5713,5308,329trenniA fast native templating system that compiles directly to Ruby code.
5814,3868,051async-redisA Redis client library.
5914,5895,046coveredA modern approach to code coverage.
6014,7002,420rackupA general server command for Rack applications.
6115,3295,730metricsApplication metrics and instrumentation.
6215,3685,814traces-backend-datadogA traces backend for Datadog.
6315,8728,116protocol-redisA transport agnostic RESP protocol client/server.
6416,52320,681build-graphBuild::Graph is a framework for build systems, with specific functionality for dealing ...
6517,33364,361trenni-formattersFormatters for Trenni, to assist with typical views and form based interfaces.
6618,04420,681buildBuild is a framework for creating task based build systems.
6718,77564,361latinumProvides immutable resource and money computations.
6819,04964,361relaxo-modelA model layer for the relaxo document database.
6919,13864,361eventAn event loop.
7019,37616,930utopia-projectA project documentation tool based on Utopia.
7121,5495,391async-processAsynchronous process spawning.
7222,01064,361dbA low level database access gem.
7322,79264,361fingerprintFingerprint is a tool for creating checksums of entire directory structures, and compar...
7424,20564,361guard-falconA guard plugin to run an instance of the falcon web server.
7524,30215,646process-daemon`Process::Daemon` is a stable and helpful base class for long running tasks and daemons...
7624,43216,184bake-modernizeAutomatically modernize parts of your project/gem.
7724,52411,192geospatialProvides abstractions for dealing with geographical locations efficiently
7825,9076,542console-output-datadogAttach Datadog trace and span details to logs.
7927,35924,843relaxoRelaxo is versioned document database built on top of git.
8028,02824,843ffi-mysqlA pure ffi binding for mysql. This gem should be compatible with the MySQL/Ruby gem.
8128,18664,361rack-test-bodyAdd Rack::MockResponse#parsed_body and helpers to facilite testing.
8228,3119,025ffi-clangRuby FFI bindings for libclang C interface.
8328,6135,075protocol-rackAn implementation of the Rack protocol/specification.
8428,64664,361benchmark-httpAn asynchronous benchmark toolbox for modern HTTP servers.
8531,01764,361cloudflare-dns-updateA dyndns client for Cloudflare.
8631,67964,361lsyncLSync is a tool for scripted synchronization and backups.
8731,90564,361db-mariadbAn event-driven interface for MariaDB and MySQL servers.
8832,1045,840metrics-backend-datadogApplication metrics and instrumentation.
8933,48164,361activerecord-migrationsProvides a opinionated migration wrapper for ActiveRecord 5+
9034,66816,930rackulaGenerate a static site from any rackup compatible application.
9136,16611,457vipsProvides pre-compiled binaries for libvips.
9236,47120,681falcon-capybaraUse the falcon web server to run capybara/selenium tests.
9336,51815,199rack-freezeProvides a policy for frozen rack middleware.
9436,96220,681docsDocumentation generator with support for including code examples and compiling them at ...
9537,2946,835susA fast and scalable test runner.
9637,88564,361db-postgresRuby FFI bindings for libpq C interface.
9738,23520,681build-makefileBuild::Makefile is a simple Makefile parser and can be used to extract dependencies fro...
9839,13564,361activerecord-rackProvides connection management for Rack applications using ActiveRecord.
9939,5088,193memoryMemory profiling routines for Ruby 2.3+
10039,92116,930marklyCommonMark parser and renderer. Written in C, wrapped in Ruby.
10141,54524,843bake-bundlerProvides recipes for bundler.
10243,22716,930variantA policy gem for selecting different environments.
10347,04615,199bake-gemRelease management for Ruby gems.
10447,76524,843xapian-coreProvides Xapian libraries and Ruby bindings.
10548,16864,361vips-thumbnailConvenient thumbnail resizing using libvips.
10648,39724,843xapian-indexerXapian::Indexer provides a flexible spider for indexing resources.
10748,96819,140build-dependencyA set of data structures and algorithms for dependency resolution.
10849,93064,361utopia-tags-galleryUtopia is a website generation framework which provides a robust set of tools to buil...
10951,97864,361async-mysqlAccess mysql without blocking.
11051,99264,361utopia-tags-google-analyticsUtopia is a website generation framework which provides a robust set of tools to buil...
11153,12124,843liveLive HTML tags updated via a WebSocket.
11253,25364,361utopia-galleryA gallery tag for use with the Utopia web framework.
11354,27564,361relaxo-query-serverRelaxo Query Server is a query server for CouchDB which provides full support for map/...
11454,57220,681schedulerTimeouts and scheduled events for Ruby
11556,25064,361periodicalPeriodical is a simple framework for working with durations and periods.
11657,82264,361activerecord-configurationsSimplified multi-DSN configuration for ActiveRecord 5+
11757,90464,361typesA simple human-readable and Ruby-parsable type library.
11860,20311,192geospatial-kmlRead geo data from keyhole markup language files.
11961,08764,361db-modelA object-relational mapper.
12061,26064,361colladaThis library provides support for loading and processing data from Collada Digital As...
12162,19624,843trenni-sanitizeSanitize markdown according to a set of rules.
12262,75664,361ffi-moduleWrite a short summary, because RubyGems requires one.
12363,18464,361traceApplication instrumentation and tracing.
12463,5192,980rack-sessionA session implementation for Rack.
12564,97714,452turbo_testPress the turbo button... for your tests.
12668,49024,843async-slackBuild Slack bots and use real time messaging.
12769,02524,843xapian-rackXapian::Rack provides indexing and searching integration with Rack.
12869,4845,480bake-test-externalRun external test suites to check for breakage.
12982,1845,537bake-testRun local test suites without knowing exactly hwo to run them.
13083,06364,361time-zoneComputes timezones using the system TZ environment variable.
13188,131171,877dataAccess to the rawdata API
13288,92264,361post_remote_logA simple messaging system built on top of Ruby, designed for system administration.
13389,75964,361build-uriHandle absolute URIs, triples and file paths uniformly.
13490,28764,361syncoSynco is a tool for scripted synchronization and backups.
13590,87024,843build-textText substitutions and merging.
13693,31120,681celluloid-dnsCelluloid::DNS provides a high-performance DNS client resolver and server which can b...
13796,01364,361betatestA fork of minitest with less bugs.
13896,71524,843git-heatmapGenerate heatmap style visualisations based on git history.
13998,96464,361async-postgresAccess postgres without blocking.
140100,16824,843utopia-extrasUtopia is a website generation framework which provides a robust set of tools to build...
141104,74964,361trenni-markdownA markdown parser and literate programming code generator.
142104,77164,361network-monitorA tool for monitoring network ports for both throughput and errors.
143106,05164,361plottyDraw graphs from data gathered by executing commands
144107,49224,843migrateGeneric library to support migrations.
145111,54264,361activerecord-blanksConvert blank values to nil.
146114,5727,926sus-fixtures-async-httpTest fixtures for running in Async::HTTP.
147120,62464,361gpstoolA framework for processing GPS data.
148127,85464,361mime-types-miniA native implementation of mime-types which improves both memory usage and performance.
149130,79064,361async-debugLive debugging for Async.
150134,0907,926sus-fixtures-asyncTest fixtures for running in Async.
151136,76164,361livelyA simple client-server SPA framework.
152137,79720,681build-files-monitorEfficiently monitor changes to the file system.
153147,15424,843utopia-websocketA basic rack.hijack websocket implementation with synchronous execution within rack.
154150,67564,361utopia-wikiA simple wiki for Utopia.
155152,25764,361async-busTransparent Ruby IPC over an asynchronous message bus.
156152,66164,361git-timesheetComputes a timesheet for a given set of git repositories.
157153,76820,681bake-github-pagesPublish to GitHub pages.
158154,19716,184this-gem-does-not-existThere is nothing to see here.
159155,42764,361utopia-analyticsUtopia is a website generation framework which provides a robust set of tools to buil...
160155,88824,843rack-test-jsonAdd Rack::MockResponse#as_json to facilite testing.
161156,18424,843async-sequelAsynchronous adaptors for Sequel.
162159,62324,843trenni-wordsProvides a basic profanity/obscenity filter.
163159,99424,843async-workerNon-blocking thread-pool based workers for blocking operations.
164166,26024,843vulkanA wrapper for Vulkan, the graphics API.
165168,96264,361db-mysqlRuby FFI bindings for libpq C interface.
166170,47464,361traces-backend-open_telemetryA traces backend for Open Telemetry.
167173,96364,361rack-conformAn implementation of the Rack protocol/specification.
168174,59064,361fiber-storageProvides a compatibility shim for fiber storage.