Jonrowe's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
1837rspec-expectationsrspec-expectations provides a simple, readable API to express expected outcomes of a co...
2936rspec-coreBDD for Ruby. RSpec runner and example groups.
31035rspec-mocksRSpec's 'test double' framework, with support for stubbing and mocking
41232rspec-supportSupport utilities for RSpec gems
52151rspecBDD for Ruby
6117156rspec-railsrspec-rails is a testing framework for Rails 5+.
7183315database_cleanerStrategies for cleaning databases. Can be used to ensure a clean slate for testing.
8397687rspec-itsRSpec extension gem for attribute matching
99411,311rspec-collection_matchersCollection cardinality matchers, extracted from rspec-expectations
101,4341,759rspec-activemodel-mocksRSpec test doubles for ActiveModel and ActiveRecord
113,6458,697rspec-legacy_formattersSupport for RSpec 2.x formatters on 3.x
128,03414,271rspec-autotestRSpec Autotest integration
1318,5794,774simplecov-inline-htmlInline HTML formatter for SimpleCov code coverage tool.
1425,52621,252mongo_adaptorA simple mongo handler. Translates Structs into Mongo and back.
1530,14327,144setsumeiA tool for describing API's as ruby objects. Currently supports building these objects ...
1632,01323,243page_upSimple paginator
1742,90333,466mongo-configureA simple gem for configuring mongo databases.
1847,30436,458prForm and Presenter libraries for interfacing the public with Rails
1952,43227,144pg_adaptorA simple pg handler. Translates Structs into PG and back.
2053,49744,756locomotionGeolocation library for RubyMotion
2154,35336,458rack-logsSimple rack based log viewer
2256,44644,756forecast_io-cacheCaching layer for forecast_io
2370,843151,072catwalkCatwalk is a gem for showing off models. It allows you to seperate presentation logic f...
2470,937151,072zuckermoA RubyMotion Facebook Wrapper, based of @clayallsopp's TwitterMotion wrapper.
2571,70650,645rack-whenSimple gem to load rack middleware only in certain environments.
2672,71458,428warden_omniauth-jonroweA warden adapter for omniauth
2772,90958,428wally-clientFeature uploader for wally
2890,777107,296jonrowe-database_cleanerStrategies for cleaning databases. Can be used to ensure a clean state for testing.
2999,73584,055warden-always-authenticateSimple gem for forcing warden to authenticate.
3099,98984,055wrapupWrapUp, a simple wrapper gem for collections
31100,21269,005ping_pongPing responder
32103,67484,055middleman-as-middlewareSimple hander to bind middleman as middleware
33106,80984,055warden-redirectSimple gem for throwing redirects in warden.
34111,86684,055rack-nullsessionA Rack Middleware that fakes a session
35119,628107,296fiberpoolA Fiberpool implementation for running tasks cooperatively, allows throttling to max co...
36123,76184,055oauth2-provider-jonroweSimple OAuth 2.0 provider toolkit
37129,211107,296rack-neverlocalBasically this gems aim is to strip from REMOTE_ADDR to make Rails think it's...
39142,292107,296sidekiq-restartAllows manual restarts of Sidekiq workers.
40142,799107,296github-webhook-authSimple gem for forcing a valid Github Webhook