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#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
1579744delayed_jobDelayed_job (or DJ) encapsulates the common pattern of asynchronously executing longer ...
2589769simple_oauthSimply builds and verifies OAuth headers
3653791delayed_job_active_recordActiveRecord backend for Delayed::Job, originally authored by Tobias L├╝tke
48691,014figaroSimple, Heroku-friendly Rails app configuration using ENV and a single YAML file
51,0111,756json_specRSpec matchers and Cucumber steps for testing JSON content
61,1811,501auditedLog all changes to your models
71,4961,766interactorInteractor provides a common interface for performing complex user interactions.
81,674953rspec-waitWait for conditions in RSpec
91,9304,983audited-activerecordLog all changes to your ActiveRecord models
101,9362,368snitcherSimple API client for
112,2192,967mongo_mapperMongoMapper is a Object-Document Mapper for Ruby and Rails
122,3556,518tinderA Ruby API for interfacing with Campfire, the 37Signals chat application.
132,6052,983interactor-railsInteractor Rails provides Rails support for the Interactor gem.
147,67534,211acts_as_geocodableSimple geocoding for Active Record models. See the README for more details.
157,75934,211vestal_versionsKeep a DRY history of your ActiveRecord models' changes
1611,75629,305gemnasium-parserSafely parse Gemfiles and gemspecs
1715,33422,501periscopePush your models' scopes up to the surface
1818,70334,211periscope-activerecordPush your Active Record models' scopes up to the surface
1921,82034,211videoclipSave videos from popular sites alongside your ActiveRecord models
2027,33434,211has_tokenGenerate unique tokens on your ActiveRecord models
2129,30834,211periscope-mongoidPush your Mongoid models' scopes up to the surface
2233,06334,211scrubbyClean up your incoming ActiveRecord model attributes
2335,28434,211audited-mongo_mapperLog all changes to your MongoMapper models
2441,01518,941lytixEasily include Google Analytics in your Rails app
2543,43834,211periscope-mongo_mapperPush your MongoMapper models' scopes up to the surface
2644,34634,211mycrosecondsEnjoy microsecond precision in your MySQL updated_at timestamp
2747,32934,211fair_dice_rollChosen by fair dice roll. Guaranteed to be random.
2848,51734,211unicode_mathFun Ruby extensions for doing math with Unicode
2958,70534,211cache_flowEasily cache XML builder fragments
3059,62934,211periscope-data_mapperPush your DataMapper models' scopes up to the surface
3168,28334,211nullifyNuke blank values in ActiveRecord models
3272,37134,211shado_puppetA Ruby interface for the Moonshado SMS delivery API.
3373,52529,305memdashA dashboard for your memcache
3474,27634,211searchSimple search
3582,24934,211insecure_randomInsecureRandom overwrites SecureRandom to enable predictability via seeding.
3682,60534,211belongs_to_versionedSimplify associations using vestal_versions or acts_as_versioned
3788,81234,211email_overrideIntercept ActionMailer email deliveries in non-production environments
3894,29334,211capitalExtend your database columns, converting values to/from rich objects
3998,24334,211search_partyParse your query parameters into more meaningful values
40106,36034,211memdash-activerecordA dashboard for your memcached, storing data in ActiveRecord.
41108,98934,211memdash-mongo_mapperA dashboard for your memcached, storing data in MongoMapper.
42114,53234,211kittKITT is an experimental Ruby engine for handling Slack commands.
43127,47834,211newcombGenerate random numbers that adhere to Benford's Law