#44667's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
11,9252,037ckeditorCKEditor is a WYSIWYG editor to be used inside web pages
212,47613,421sunrise-cmsSunrise is a Open Source CMS
312,86239,729galetahub-simple_captchaSimpleCaptcha is available to be used with Rails 3 or above and also it provides the ba...
414,23214,555rails-uploaderRails HTML5 FileUpload helpers
520,91926,878meta_managerAimbulance CMS
621,45022,427galetahub-enum_fieldEnables Active Record attributes to point to enum like objects, by saving in your datab...
727,535106,746ballot_boxThe BallotBox gem enables visitors to vote for and against voteable objects
829,54639,729page_partsAimbulance CMS
931,38215,265postman_mtaThis gem will add some routes to the application to forward requests from frontend to p...
1034,659144,505cancan_namespaceAdd namespace for cancan authorization library
1136,22030,621social_profileWrapper for Omniauth profile hash, post photo to album
1237,44537,087sunrise-coreSunrise is a Aimbulance CMS
1337,57837,087sunrise-scaffoldSunrise is a Aimbulance CMS
1437,99953,660api_signatureSign API requests with HMAC signature
1538,14418,205redressBuild maintainable Ruby apps
1638,322106,746vkontakteThe easiest way to access Vkontakte API and some other utils.
1738,43453,660action_tracker_clientActionTracking service integration gem
1839,39753,660ruby2xlsxAnother gem for easy exporting data to Excel
1940,96639,729share_checkerInsert ShareChecker description.
2044,92760,044api_proxyProxy for tickets service
2150,34547,499sunrise-postsPosts plugin for Sunrise CMS via aimbulance
2255,391144,505web_videoWebVideo allows you to inspect, convert and take screenshots from video files
2356,75853,660sunrise-file-uploadSunrise is a Aimbulance CMS
2458,56643,609rails-markerForm helpers for edit fields such as zoom, longitude and latitude
2562,65632,554galetahub-freshdeskSimple Freshdesk client for API v2 based on httparty gem
2666,74360,044sunrise-commentsComments module for sunrise-cms
2768,98960,044sunrise-deployDeploy module for sunrise-cms using capistrano
2879,06870,766rfidProvider for RFID API and driver by websokets protocol
2979,15570,766sunrise-votesSunrise is a Aimbulance CMS: votes module
3079,30160,044rfid_apiSimple client to work with RFID API
3180,15870,766sunrise-feedbacksSunrise is a Aimbulance CMS: feedbacks module
3283,42353,660galetahub-copyscapeSimple and easy way to use Copyscape API from Ruby
3398,10753,660galetahub-api-sigv2Sign API requests with HMAC signature
3499,15770,766sunrise-widgetsWidgets plugin for Sunrise CMS via aimbulance
35111,732106,746loginzaLoginza - an interactive JavaScript widget provides visitors to your sites, a wide rang...
36112,957106,746galetahub-salty_slugsAbstraction of word-based slugs for URLs, w/ or w/o leading numeric IDs.
37119,571106,746galetahub-active_presenterActivePresenter is the presenter library you already know! (...if you know ActiveRecord)
38119,892106,746galetahub-auto_htmlAutomatically transforms urls (via domain) and includes the destination resource (Vimeo...
39120,852106,746galetahub-globalize3Rails I18n: de-facto standard library for ActiveRecord 3 model/data translation
40130,519106,746sunrise-questionsQuestions plugin for Sunrise CMS via aimbulance
41132,964106,746track_tweetsAPI for track_tweets service (monitoring tweet stats)
42140,464106,746keypicClient for Keypic Web Service API
43169,152106,746translation_cmsTranslation CMS based on WritersCms api v2(t#3)