Chrismo's Gems

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#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
18,2534,793excelinatorconvert your csv data and html tables to excel data
217,5108,718clutila mish-mash of spare utility libs for Ruby.
328,3917,716bundler-patchConservative bundler updates
429,6388,915bundler-adviseScans Gemfile for known vulnerable gems.
539,5957,901bundler-fixtureSimple fixture to generate for-realz Gemfile.lock files
639,60111,158rubocop_lineupRubocop plugin to restrict cops to only changed lines.
743,5579,611clwikiOld, tired, crappy wiki, reborn as a Rails 4+ Engine.
853,00620,473tablesmithMinimal console table
953,63418,266clindexA generic index DRb server. The core index is a hash, each key is an individual term, e...
1095,66742,034humperdinkRuntime tracking of finite data sets
1195,86142,034active_thriftActiveRecord to Thrift tooling
12113,96024,246casegenSimple Ruby DSL to generate use cases restricted by sets of rules
13153,46029,770checkupsRuntime checks on production conditions.