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#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
11,6011,801splitRack based split testing framework
23,1866,486crummyCrummy is a simple and tasty way to add breadcrumbs to your Rails applications.
39,3881,346semantic_rangenode-semver rewritten in ruby, for comparison and inclusion of semantic versions and ra...
412,63640,479split-exportSplit extension to export your data
513,00240,479brewdlerBundler for non-Ruby dependencies from Homebrew
613,09340,479split-analyticsSplit extension to push test data to google analytics
716,90040,479languagesJust the language names, details and colors from github-linguist
818,38040,479deploytrackingKeep a record of all your deployments with interesting stats and history of all deploym...
922,37726,522spdxA SPDX license normalizer
1032,91426,522pictogramMapping human concepts to pictures.
1136,10440,479license-compatibilityCheck compatibility between different SPDX licenses
1238,03240,479lanyrdRuby wrapper for the Lanyrd API
1342,68540,479deploy_trackerKeep a record of all your deployments with interesting stats and history of all deploym...
1444,19940,479dotyamlConfigure Dependency CI tests
1545,25733,080bouncerBouncer makes it easy to remove a collabroator's access to all of your github projects,...
1652,40226,522librariesio-gem-parserFork of gemnasium-parser
1769,60840,479decommissionQuickly discover which versions of rails all your apps are running
1871,79840,479github_urlsA collection of helpers for parsing and generating GitHub urls extracted from https://l...
1973,84540,479instascraperA scraper for instapaper to provide a basic api without hacing to pay per month
2077,43640,479andrew-wheneverClean ruby syntax for defining and deploying messy cron jobs.
2184,16040,479spree-api-clientA rubygem for interacting with the Spree API
2290,14240,479bumbleRails 3 Tumblog Engine
2396,54140,479repo_minerMine repositories for interesting changes over time
24101,74740,479reevooRuby wrapper around the Reevoo XML API
25103,22040,479rack-acceptsRack middleware to reject crappy http accept headers, Returns '406 Not Acceptable' stat...
26112,83433,080semantic_intervalTurn Interval range syntax into SemVer range syntax
27138,93740,479tideliftMaking open source software work better for developers and users.
28139,98240,479bundler_package_gitBundler with support for packaging git sources - See
29142,66740,479split-apiRest API extension for Split
30150,04240,479omniauth-sourceforgeOmniauth strategy for authenticating to