#45064's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
11,3531,111data_migrateRake tasks to migrate data alongside schema changes.
25,4643,849resque-historyShow history of recently executed jobs
319,58823,479restforce_mockMock for Restforce gem
433,29231,140cucumber-cinemaTake a series of screenshots while running your cucumber test suite
546,74442,774mygengo_stringA rake task to download locale files from mygengo account
655,78047,687sprockets_helper_rails3A helper gem that attaches fingerprint for static assets (js/css) using sprockets in ra...
772,83075,203monit_monitorDashboard for monitoring monit.
8119,76194,836katzil-capybaraA fork for capybara project
9142,116131,465reimagine2Shared assets, in a gem.