#45452's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
11,2121,406asset_syncAfter you run assets:precompile your compiled assets will be synchronised with your S3 ...
211,37320,170cardboardfishRuby API for Cardboardfish SMS http://www.cardboardfish.com
338,27950,431green_lightSimple client side validation that keeps validation in the models
441,457120,743validator.nuruby client library for the validator.nu HTML5 validation API
556,39535,054compass-squaregrid-pluginThe Square Grid System is a simple grid system for designers and developers http://thes...
664,77943,887atcoSimple and opinionated library for parsing ATCO-CIF files with Ruby.
785,934120,743validates_as_uk_postcodeA library for validating uk postcodes
896,77661,555beer_mappingAllows you to find where pubs are, how they are rating etc.
9115,448120,743recipe_puppySearch for recipes by name or by the ingredients it contains
10117,43497,183is_addressableAdds addressable attributes to a model
11119,72597,183nutsInstall fonts from fontsquirrel.com with ease
12122,216120,743simple_templateVery simple template language for text output.