Lucasmazza's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
1560274faraday-http-cacheMiddleware to handle HTTP caching
21,7221,659rubycriticRubyCritic is a tool that wraps around various static analysis gems to provide a qualit...
37,82810,038cazeWith Caze it's easy to define use cases and entry points.
47,9418,186svg_optimizerSVG optimization based on Node's SVGO
516,13432,295faraday-log-subscriberA Log Subscriber for Faraday clients
618,71392,897spritefulA sprite generation tool
723,72492,897jquery_tagHelper gem that toggles between local jquery script and Google CDN version based on you...
834,54392,897engageEngage is a CLI for rapid bootstrap for your ruby apps using Git, RVM and Bundler.
940,24092,897stylus_railsCompiling .styl from your Rails/Sinatra applications
1044,14842,741showtimeApplication generator for simple Sinatra apps
1181,62392,897hurley-http-cacheHurley connection to handle HTTP caching