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#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
12,0551,777acme-clientClient for the ACME protocol.
215,68933,334mock_serverMock you're entire application
317,53723,704refinerycms-copywritingExtract all your strings and leave no human word behind, with i18n
426,56623,704activerecord_lax_includesHotfix nested eager loading for polymorphic and STI relation in ActiveRecord
537,42933,334google_calendar_api_v2Work with Google Calendar using GData 2.0 + OAuth 1.0
645,64333,334rack-iframe-transportRack middleware for iframe-transport hacks.
745,94333,334rboxA Ruby wrapper for box.com
850,65933,334refinerycms-routesCustom routing for Refinery CMS
958,67833,334refinerycms-musicMusic engine for Refinery CMS
1071,44333,334teambox-clientProvides methods to read and write to Teambox for ruby apps
11100,35333,334vcr-remote-controllerA remote control for your VCR cassettes
12101,54233,334extra-after-commit-callbacksFine grained after_commit callbacks for ActiveRecord observers