Jxe's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
111,41730,357cemla language for coordinating real world events
228,66530,357configurera new take on ruby cross-class configuration
337,73430,357pegasuspegasus: unicorn-steady, redis-backed, shared-nothing worker processes
449,68330,357unicorn_hornAn extraction of the process monitoring code from Unicorn
570,80130,357simplvisora simpler & more opinionated DSL for bluepill, god, etc
681,09330,357methodcachelike memoizable etc but more production oriented
7112,04030,357geonozzleSome extra geocoding and caching smarts atop geokit
8113,85130,357groundcrewa simple library for running things on http://Groundcrew.us
9119,58230,357redis_geoSome extra geocoding and caching smarts atop geokit