Botandrose's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
1176217database_cleanerStrategies for cleaning databases. Can be used to ensure a clean slate for testing.
2842304database_cleaner-active_recordStrategies for cleaning databases using ActiveRecord. Can be used to ensure a clean sta...
3924332database_cleaner-coreStrategies for cleaning databases. Can be used to ensure a clean slate for testing.
42,7243,376database_cleaner-redisStrategies for cleaning databases using Redis. Can be used to ensure a clean state for ...
52,8592,075database_cleaner-mongoidStrategies for cleaning databases using Mongoid. Can be used to ensure a clean state fo...
64,0212,727database_cleaner-sequelStrategies for cleaning databases using Sequel. Can be used to ensure a clean state for...
75,9067,831bardCLI to automate common development tasks.
86,19212,900database_cleaner-mongoStrategies for cleaning databases using Mongo. Can be used to ensure a clean state for ...
99,48711,639bard-rakeRake tasks for all bard projects. * Bootstrap projects * Database backup
1011,24915,394sprockets-image_compressorLosslessly compress images in the Rails asset pipeline
1119,13422,672bard_staticHandcrafted prototypes for Rails.
1220,03914,962chopSlice and dice your cucumber tables with ease!
1321,30726,652elm-compilerAllows you compile Elm files and write to a file or stdout
1428,83524,400bard-staticHandcrafted prototypes for Rails.
1530,992131,465savageryRuthlessly sprites SVGs
1631,573131,465wtforumRuby library that wraps Website Toolbox's forum API.
1732,42722,672active_record-json_associationsInstead of a many-to-many join table, serialize the ids into a JSON array.
1835,29519,096decisiveDSL for rendering CSVs from an array of objects
1938,10922,672ds_media_libraryDownstream Media Library Rails Engine
2041,73242,774ember-emblem-templateThe sprockets template for Ember Emblem.
2142,53517,494capybara-headless_chromeA nice and tidy Capybara driver for headless Chrome. Even supports file downloads!
2242,600131,465red_capLibrary for connecting to REDCap and parsing forms and data
2346,26235,780ember-rails-assetsasset-path helper for ember-rails, including digest!
2447,665131,465refinerycms-ckeditorReplaces WYMEditor with CKEditor in Refinery CMS
2552,58535,780amaranthLibrary for accessing the Amara REST API
2655,40947,687active_record-json_has_manyInstead of a many-to-many join table, serialize the ids into a JSON array.
2760,86431,140elm-railsCompile Elm through Sprockets
2863,11747,687input_cssThis plugin taps into Rails tag helpers and adds a CSS class equal to the type attribut...
2964,69347,687bard-sassSass files across all Bot and Rose projects
3070,626131,465study_engineA Rails Engine for building METRC studies
3171,64026,652nacelleEmbed cells in the markup of your CMS.
3272,79639,018backhoeDump and load current database to and from a file.
3380,41753,952asset_precompilation_finderSets the Rails asset precompilation path to compile everything except partials, and com...
3482,85463,042adva_fckeditorAdva FCKEditor
3583,15239,018labelled_formAdds label option to Rails form helpers
3684,42575,203compass-querystring_cachebusterAdds Rails-style querystring cachebusters to compass sprites.
3787,424131,465rack-disable_css_animationsRack middleware to disable CSS animations sitewide. Useful for making acceptance tests ...
3891,10742,774bard-staging_bannerMiddleware to inject an annoying banner on every page in the staging environment
3992,33075,203haml2handlebarsConverts Haml templates to Handlebars templates using the official Haml::Engine
4095,50253,952foreman-export-systemd_userUpstart user-level export scripts for systemd on Ubuntu 16.04+
41100,92675,203database_cleaner-mongo_mapperStrategies for cleaning databases using MongoMapper. Can be used to ensure a clean stat...
42101,62453,952ds_nodeGem for interfacing with Downstream's DSNode
43102,14775,203database_cleaner-ohmStrategies for cleaning databases using Ohm. Can be used to ensure a clean state for te...
44103,50094,836database_cleaner-neo4jStrategies for cleaning databases using Neo4j. Can be used to ensure a clean state for ...
45111,49963,042active_record-order_by_idsOrder your ActiveRecord scopes by a supplied list of ids
46113,65194,836database_cleaner-mopedStrategies for cleaning databases using Moped. Can be used to ensure a clean state for ...
47116,42294,836database_cleaner-data_mapperStrategies for cleaning databases using DataMapper. Can be used to ensure a clean state...
48117,47642,774advaAdva CMS
49118,06775,203bard_staging_bannerMiddleware to inject an annoying banner on every page in the staging environment
50118,08294,836database_cleaner-couch_potatoStrategies for cleaning databases using CouchPotato. Can be used to ensure a clean stat...
51121,30375,203adva_blogAdva Blog
52122,17694,836foreman-export-upstart_userUpstart user-level export scripts for foreman
53127,258131,465rack-rewrite_root_filterRack middleware to rewrite the links on both the request and the response.
54127,54563,042active_record-nested_attributes-destroy_ifAdds :destroy_if option to accepts_nested_attributes_for, which is basically a stronger...
55127,86075,203emblem-sprocketsUse emblem.js with sprockets - see
56133,871131,465siameseSend SMS messages in Rails with Twilio
57134,78894,836adva_cmsAdva CMS
58135,43794,836adva_activityAdva Activity
59143,006131,465rack-easouRender 400 error whenever a request's %-encoding is malformed
60145,84794,836adva_userAdva User
61146,71894,836adva_rbacAdva RBAC
62146,88294,836adva_cellsAdva Cells
63148,04994,836adva_meta_tagsAdva Meta Tags
64153,91763,042active_storage-cloud_transformationsGenerate ActiveStorage Variants and Previews via external cloud services, rather than o...
65163,56894,836cat_engineRuby wrapper around C# Cat Engine
66164,90963,042cuprite-downloadsAdds file download capabilities to Cuprite
67174,66994,836adva_commentsAdva Comments