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1249543xcodeprojXcodeproj lets you create and modify Xcode projects from Ruby. Script boring management...
2442567claideA small command-line interface framework.
3513623cocoapodsCocoaPods manages library dependencies for your Xcode project. You specify the depende...
4522625cocoapods-coreThe CocoaPods-Core gem provides support to work with the models of CocoaPods. It is i...
5588664molinilloProvides support for dependency resolution
6594718napNap is a really simple REST library. It allows you to perform HTTP requests with mi...
7636739cocoapods-downloaderA small library for downloading files from remotes in a folder.
8644683cocoapods-trunkInteract with
9696885terminal-notifierSend User Notifications on macOS 10.10 or higher.
10737804cocoapods-tryCocoaPods plugin which allows to quickly try the demo project of a Pod.
11764805cocoapods-pluginsThis CocoaPods plugin shows information about all available CocoaPods plugins ...
12765786cocoapods-statsUploads statistics for Pod Analytics.
13770762cocoapods-deintegrateA CocoaPods plugin to remove and de-integrate CocoaPods from your project.
143,8936,368adyenPackage to simplify including the Adyen payments services into a Ruby on Rails applicat...
156,103100,569cocoapods-try-release-fixCocoaPods plugin which allows to quickly try the demo project of a Pod.
166,7146,521motion-cocoapodsmotion-cocoapods allows RubyMotion projects to have access to the CocoaPods dependency ...
177,19317,006kickerAllows you to fire specific command on file-system change.
187,30625,038mocha-on-baconA Mocha adapter for Bacon, because it's yummy!
197,44436,349broachRuby implementation of 37signal's Campfire API.
209,4344,740lowdownA Ruby client for the HTTP/2 version of the Apple Push Notification Service.
2111,76116,230dietrbIRB on a diet, for MacRuby / Ruby 1.9
2213,220100,569ensure-encodingEnsure the character encoding in Strings coming from untrusted sources.
2316,07255,103time_zone_schedulerA library that assists in scheduling events whilst taking time zones into account.
2416,39712,067sagaSaga reads its own story format and formats to other output formats using templates.
2516,50921,616misoMiso is a unified API for simple image operations commonly used on the web.
2617,55625,038fingercapFingercap is a set of recipes and tasks meant for deploying to Fingertips servers.
2721,51936,349authorization-sanA plugin for authorization in a ReSTful application.
2824,91841,269mollie-smsSend SMS text messages via the SMS gateway.
2926,13441,269fingertips-adyenPackage to simplify including the Adyen payments services into a Ruby on Rails applicat...
3028,03225,038peckConcurrent spec framework.
3128,56632,781svn-campfire-notifierA post-commit hook for Subversion that notifies Campfire of commits.
3237,17741,269peiji-sanPeijiSan is a Rails plugin which uses named scopes to create a thin pagination layer.
3337,74480,071executionerExecute CLI utilities
3438,10946,834rucolaRucola is an extension for RubyCocoa. It has a application skeleton generator and build...
3538,39664,964validation-setsA Rails plugin that adds validation sets to Active Record.
3638,94955,103on-test-specRails plugin to make testing Rails on test/spec easier.
3739,44336,349peck-on-railsPeck-On-Rails is an extension for Peck to make testing Rails easier.
3841,95946,834unicharsUnichars is a wrapper around Glib2 UTF8 functions.
3942,90736,349mac_baconBacon is a small RSpec clone weighing less than 350 LoC but nevertheless providing all ...
4043,68646,834ojaOja is a Ruby client for verification of Apple Store Receipts.
4148,27680,071fingerrailsA self contained version of the Fingertips Rails template
4252,369100,569appriseApprise gives an overview of the dependencies of a Rails application.
4353,913100,569attachment-sanRails plugin for easy and rich attachment manipulation.
4454,29464,964validates_email-sanA simple Rails plugin which adds a validates_email class method to ActiveRecord::Base.
4555,629100,569attribute-permissionsA plugin to manage attribute permissions on ActiveRecord more effectively
4656,569100,569authentication-needed-sanA thin wrapper around the Rails `flash' object to assist in redirecting the user `back'...
4762,26064,964supremeRuby implementation of the Mollie iDEAL API
4864,747100,569fngtps-weblogWeblog tools.
4966,46980,071ppaneThe Passenger Pane is a preference pane on Mac OS X. Ppane is the backend tool that...
5067,87180,071mocha-macrubyMocking and stubbing library with JMock/SchMock syntax, which allows mocking and stubbi...
5170,19180,071office_csvTiny wrapper around FasterCSV to create CSV which is read properly by Microsoft Office.
5271,45280,071rfc-3339-attributesA tiny Rails plugin to allow validation on RFC-3339 datetime attributes.
5375,03080,071revupA simple deploy tool, packaged as a rake task. Currently targeted for
5475,945100,569amiokA small tool to check the status of your Apache vhosts
5578,687137,038attribute-viewsA plugin converting between value objects and record columns.
5679,81480,071claide-completionCLI completion plugin for CLAide.
5784,079137,038git-svn-mirrorA command-line tool that automates the task of creating a GIT mirror for a SVN repo, an...
5891,027137,038fakutori-sanFakutoriSan is a lean model factory plugin which uses vanilla Ruby to define the factor...
5993,318137,038crockCrock is a tiny implementation of JSON serialization in pure Ruby.
6094,988100,569macruby-asl-loggerA MacRuby wrapper of the Apple System Log facility
6196,988100,569risosu-sanRisosuSan is a Rails plugin that assists in situations where a resource controller is n...
6297,847137,038certificate-depotCertificate depot is a mini Certification Authority for TLS client certificates.
6398,361100,569internetkassaA library to make online payments using ABN-AMRO (Dutch bank) Internetkassa.
64113,712100,569revision-sanA simple Rails plugin which creates revisions of your model and comes with an equally s...
65139,09480,071typicalA Ruby library to describe the types of your data and ways to validate them.