Ndbroadbent's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
1177943sdocrdoc generator html with javascript search index.
21,5562,615turbo-sprockets-rails3Speeds up the Rails 3 asset pipeline by only recompiling changed assets
34,3825,431actionmailer_inline_cssModule for ActionMailer to improve the rendering of HTML emails by using the 'premailer...
45,1582,775libreconvConvert office documents to PDF using LibreOffice.
55,62413,878delayed-plugins-airbrakedelayed_job exception notification with airbrake
65,7866,452responds_to_parent[Rails] Adds 'responds_to_parent' to your controller torespond to the parent document o...
77,00646,158crossroads_capistranoA Crossroads Foundation collection of generic capistrano recipes.
98,70218,992capistrano_deploy_lockLock a server during deploy, to prevent people from deploying at the same time.
1011,02922,036ransack_uiFramework for building a search UI with Ransack
1112,82618,992airbrake_user_attributesAdds information about the current user to error reports
1214,22346,158ffcrm_cloudfujiIntegrates Fat Free CRM with the Cloudfuji hosting platform.
1315,21140,005ransack_chronicParse time/date natural language query strings with Chronic
1415,99918,992ajax-chosen-railsChosen is a javascript library of select box enhancer for jQuery and Protoype. This gem...
1516,54446,158fat_free_crmAn open source, Ruby on Rails customer relationship management platform
1617,4999,986assets_precompile_enforcerRaises an exception if assets are missing from config.assets.precompile during development
1717,92740,005email_reply_parser_ffcrmLong description. Maybe copied from the README.
1817,94446,158disable_assets_loggerDisable assets logger in development, so asset requests don't show in your terminal
1921,16046,158cloudfujiA module for integrating the Cloudfuji platform into a ruby app
2023,23146,158errbit_cloudfujiIntegrates Errbit with the Cloudfuji hosting platform.
2125,39546,158chosen-rails_ffcrmChosen is a javascript library of select box enhancer for jQuery and Protoype. This gem...
2226,01540,005bundler_local_developmentProvides a simple way to switch between local and installed gems.
2332,15446,158reliefweb_scraperGathers disasters from Reliefweb via RSS and presents them as a Disaster hashie
2434,45546,158ransack_ffcrmRansack is the successor to the MetaSearch gem. It improves and expands upon MetaSearch...
2542,68646,158fulcrum_cloudfujiIntegrates Fulcrum with the Cloudfuji hosting platform.
2645,25422,036form_apiClient library for the FormAPI PDF generation and e-signature service
2746,13346,158taneThis gem provides all the tools necessary to develop a rails app meant for deployment o...
2846,92713,878localstorageshim-railsAdd localstorageshim.js to your Rails application
2960,13646,158dictionary_order_sortSort an array in the same order as `sort --dictionary-sort`
30104,44946,158ffcrm_authlogic_apiAllow authentication via an application token
31104,94046,158databasedotcom_cloudfujiA ruby wrapper for the Force.com REST API
32105,97146,158responds_to_parent_ffcrm[Rails] Adds 'responds_to_parent' to your controller torespond to the parent document o...
33113,02146,158hide_asset_logsStop asset requests from being logged in your terminal.
34114,99946,158sdoc_local_editorrdoc generator html with javascript search index.
35132,23927,133convox_installerBuild a Convox installation workflow