Mikz's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
1686584slack-ruby-clientSlack Web and RealTime API client.
2836579formtasticA Rails form builder plugin/gem with semantically rich and accessible markup
39,6355,491codeclimate-parallel-test-reporterWraps codeclimate-test-reporter to send parallel test results with ease
411,9029,514kickerAllows you to fire specific command on file-system change.
515,25436,352rack-no_animationsRack middleware to stop CSS/jQuery animations.
616,93631,885config_forSimplifies YAML parsing in Sinatra and Rails applications. Provides tools to generate c...
718,74158,638o2hCollection of recipes and gem dependencies for o2h deployment
822,76158,638rack-x_served_byAllows you to know from which server the response originated from.
930,91558,638pg_dumperProvides abstraction layer between pg_dump utility and ruby. Also adds rake task to eas...
1032,04458,638rack-jspmAids development by adding caching headers for jspm packages
1138,67558,638yard-delegateGenerates docs for delegated methods
1244,00558,638prssSimple fetcher of HDbits private RSS stream
1344,65758,638stack_commanderWrite simple commands that execute on stack
1449,20758,638rspec-dom-testingWraps rails-dom-testing into RSpec matchers.
1549,65358,638jenkins-buildUsing Github Pull Request Plugin and Jenkins with GitHub authentication
1659,39343,845miserWill annoy you every day with how much you spent last day.
1765,58158,638radiant-tools-extensionVarious tools (method, tags) for Radiant projects
1875,70036,352capistrano-githubIntegrates Capistrano with Github Deployments API
1980,25758,638sinatra_bicyclistCycle through pages at a regular interval
2092,13431,885unicorn-prewarmTo prewarm workers, warm caches and load everything before real requests.
21109,18858,638kontejnerDNS server for Docker running on Ruby
22111,14858,638fake_bsmobilRuby API faking Bank Sabadell API. Useful for testing clients.
23131,14458,638validate_uriLibrary for validating urls in Rails.
24132,33258,638octoberIRC Bot
25132,80643,845bamboo-rubyNo dependencies other than standard library
26141,14158,638marathon-rubyNo dependencies other than standard library
27151,63658,638newrelic-rodanewrelic instrument for roda
28165,75058,638radiant-taginator-extensionOriginal extension - https://github.com/jomz/radiant-tags-extension