Krainboltgreene's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
1306278vcrRecord your test suite's HTTP interactions and replay them during future test runs for ...
2322430redis-storeNamespaced Rack::Session, Rack::Cache, I18n and cache Redis stores for Ruby web framewo...
3338454redis-rackRedis Store for Rack applications
4347460redis-actionpackRedis session store for ActionPack. Used for storing the Rails session in Redis.
5400752redis-activesupportRedis store for ActiveSupport
6453858redis-railsRedis for Ruby on Rails
71,1121,531danteTurn any process into a demon.
81,7741,536hamsterEfficient, immutable, thread-safe collection classes for Ruby
95,7738,965active_model-better_errorsAPI consumable error messages with ActiveModel::Errors drop-in compatibility.
1011,68719,254omniauth-gplusA Google+ OAuth2 solution for Omniauth
1114,26316,810time-lordManaging concepts of time and space in Ruby
1218,97493,471architectureA DSL and object space for handling scaffolding
1325,70645,355shogunThe core library for an HTTP API framework
1426,05045,355authnAn incredibly bare bones authentication library
1529,73311,101astructA better version of OpenStruct
1631,39245,355localizationA dirt simple localization gem
1736,35593,471authn-railsThe rails integration for authn
1836,97723,445active_record-writeA library for doing pooled writes to a SQL Datbase
1940,3598,163jsonapi-realizerA way to take json:api requests and turn them into models
2040,40445,355smart_paramsApply an organized and easy to maintain schema to request params
2142,80393,471hexpressHexpress is for Human Expressions, similar to Verbal Expressions
2249,33931,350pipl-apiAn interface for the Pipl API
2351,58926,294termnoteA terminal based keynote presentation machine
2454,12631,350email_spyOpens up your Rails emails
2556,05631,350action_operationA set of BPMN style operation logic
2661,53145,355rack-conditional_getMiddleware that catches Last-Modified and Etag requests
2761,83531,350intrinsicIntrinsic adds properties to your objects
2866,01545,355scrawlTurn hashes into simple log-ready output
2969,82745,355rack-runtimeMiddleware that records and writes runtime to responses
3071,62693,471distributeA small distribution method for binaries or libraries.
3174,93731,350accessorA syntactically better accessor, setter, and getter metamethod generator
3282,9536,732paper_trail-backgroundA library for making paper_trail a background process
3383,74445,355authn-activationThe plugin library for AuthN and Rails
3486,00145,355jsonapi-materializerA way to turn data models into outbound json:api responses
3588,60145,355rack-authentication_bearerMiddleware for handling Bearer type Authentication
3689,39145,355array-whereQuery your arrays.
3790,47831,350jsonapi-homeAn early implementation of JSONAPIHome, a fork of JSONHome
3891,12645,355rack-etagWrites ETag to responses
3992,09993,471active_record-poolactive_record-pool is an extension to active_record that gives you an interface to writ...
4093,69493,471rack-commonloggerWrites commonlogger to responses
4198,61145,355foremThe best Rails 3 forum engine in the world.
42103,29693,471parslet-exportTurn Parslet::Parser into other things
43108,60445,355rack-body_deserializerDeserializes the body of request
44116,47893,471net-http-signatureA signing library for HTTP requests
45125,86231,350tardisA library for managing units of time and traversal of time.
46137,35045,355whiskeyA simple MUTE Engine
47139,54526,294lackA modular Ruby webserver interface.
48140,70093,471rack-logGives a global scope logger for rack middleware
49141,17693,471rack-body_serializerMiddleware for serializing response bodies
50141,56245,355rack-content_length_setterMiddleware that autowrites Content-Length to responses
51141,60945,355groundskeeperA simple multi-tenancy middleware with options
52142,11845,355alsoA tiny tool for running multiple processes concurrently
53142,41945,355rack-accept_setterMiddleware that writes Accept header to responses
54142,55645,355rack-chunkerMiddleware for chunking the body of a response
55148,92393,471rails-subpartialAllowing rails to look in subfolders first for partials
56163,87645,355jsonapi-resources-homeAn early implementation of JSONAPIHome, a fork of JSONHome
57165,42545,355stachA micro-mustache rendering engine.