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186121hashieHashie is a collection of classes and mixins that make hashes more powerful.
2586656grapeA Ruby framework for rapid API development with great conventions.
3788695mustermann-grapeAdds Grape style patterns to Mustermman
4916744grape-entityExtracted from Grape, A Ruby framework for rapid API development with great conventions.
5994841slack-ruby-clientSlack Web and RealTime API client.
61,132805ruby-enumEnum-like behavior for Ruby.
71,2281,121grape-swaggerAdd auto generated documentation to your Grape API that can be displayed with Swagger.
81,434863hashie-forbidden_attributesAutomatic strong parameter detection with Hashie and Forbidden Attributes. Formerly kno...
91,4392,129syntaxSyntax is Ruby library for performing simple syntax highlighting.
101,5682,780numbers_and_wordsThis gem spells out numbers in several languages using the I18n gem.
111,6511,683mongoid-compatibilityCompatibility helpers for Mongoid.
121,8271,366grape-swagger-railsSwagger UI as Rails Engine for grape-swagger gem
131,8701,335grape-swagger-entityGrape swagger adapter to support grape-entity object parsing
142,1292,108mongoid-grid_fsA pure Mongoid/Moped implementation of the MongoDB GridFS specification
152,1761,938rspec-rerunRe-run failed RSpec tests.
162,4071,826dotiwdotiw is a gem for Rails that overrides the default distance_of_time_in_w...
172,4952,843mongoid-rspecRSpec matches for Mongoid models, including association and validation matchers.
182,6702,036delayed_job_mongoidMongoid backend for delayed_job
192,7183,592mongoid-historyThis library tracks historical changes for any document, including embedded ones. It ac...
202,9263,228grape-rablUse rabl in grape
213,4383,547grape-active_model_serializersProvides a Formatter for the Grape API DSL to emit objects serialized with active_model...
223,7312,422mongo_session_storeRails session stores for Mongoid, or any other ODM. Rails 4 compatible.
233,9493,888mongoid-lockerAllows multiple processes to operate on individual documents in MongoDB while ensuring ...
244,1922,374graphlientA friendlier Ruby client for consuming GraphQL-based APIs.
254,5362,493gem-licensesAttempts to figure out what licenses various gems use.
264,6502,378actionmailer-textAutomatically insert a text/plain part into your HTML multipart e-mails.
274,6794,429grape-roarUse Roar with Grape
284,7491,953grape-swagger-representableGrape swagger adapter to support representable object parsing
294,8978,620mongoid-slugMongoid URL slug or permalink generator
304,9629,838tax_cloudCalculate sales tax using the TaxCloud.net API
314,9937,464hyperclientHyperclient is a Ruby Hypermedia API client.
325,04437,463mongoid_slugMongoid URL slug or permalink generator
335,1626,367mongoid_orderableGem allows mongoid model behave as orderable list
345,1666,112mongoid_searchSimple full text search implementation.
355,8495,296guard-rackAutomatically reloads your Rack based app on file change using Guard.
366,2204,922slack-ruby-botThe easiest way to write a Slack bot in Ruby.
376,2696,201faraday_hal_middlewareFaraday Middleware for JSON HAL requests and responses.
386,27513,811garnerGarner is a cache layer for Ruby and Rack applications, supporting model and instance b...
396,4824,911danger-changelogA danger.systems plugin that is OCD about your CHANGELOG.
407,38834,305mongoid-cached-jsonCached-json is a DSL for describing JSON representations of Mongoid models.
417,42237,463delayed_job_shallow_mongoidWhen the object or arg to a delayed_job is a Mongoid document, store only a small stub ...
427,4975,401mongoid-geospatialMongoid Extension that simplifies MongoDB casting and operations on spatial Ruby objects.
437,83721,695mongoid-scrollMongoid extensions to enable infinite scroll.
448,72419,614mongoid-shellDerive shell commands from Mongoid configuration options.
458,91237,463canonical-emailsCombine email validation and transformations to produce canonical email addresses.
469,4626,067fuiFind unused Objective-C imports.
479,50116,901mongoid_fulltextFull-text search for the Mongoid ORM, using n-grams extracted from text.
489,68411,803money_helperA simple module to assist in formatting unambiguous prices and price ranges in internat...
4911,50712,628hashie_railsAutomatic strong parameter detection with Hashie and Rails 4.
5012,18837,463heroku-forwardBeat Heroku's 60s boot timeout with a forward proxy.
5112,39534,305email-example-specIntegration testing with e-mail examples.
5212,74737,463heroku-commanderControl Heroku from Ruby via its `heroku` shell command.
5313,22918,864ruby-grape-dangerPackages a Dangerfile to be used with Danger for projects within the Ruby Grape community.
5413,31724,645dztTile images for deep-zoom.
5513,62829,421sunspot_mongoSunspot support for Mongo Mapper and Mongoid.
5616,55724,645estellaMake your Ruby objects searchable with Elasticsearch.
5716,92037,463mongoid-collection-snapshotEasy maintenence of collections of processed data in MongoDB with the Mongoid ODM.
5823,94129,421danger-tocA danger.systems plugin for your markdown TOC.
5924,90014,701iex-ruby-clientIEX Finance API Ruby client with support for retrieving stock quotes.
6030,06118,166slack-ruby-bot-serverA Grape API serving a Slack bot to multiple teams.
6131,51334,305omniauth-artsyOmniauth plugin for Artsy authentication.
6233,78637,463obcdDeal with obsessive compulsive issues of programmers in Objective-C.
6338,36237,463spidey-mongoImplements a MongoDB back-end for Spidey, a framework for crawling and scraping web sites.
6449,40737,463mongoid-tag-collectibleEasily maintain a collection of Tag instances with aggregate counts from your model's t...
6555,3428,482strava-ruby-clientStrava API Ruby client.
6655,99937,463pixmatchPixmatch REST API client library for Ruby
6757,29437,463mongoid-dangerPackages a Dangerfile to be used with Danger for projects within the Mongoid community.
6865,97224,645newrelic-slack-ruby-botNewRelic instrumentation for slack-ruby-bot.
6992,11724,645slack-ruby-dangerPackages a Dangerfile to be used with Danger for projects within the slack-ruby community.
70120,50037,463enumerable-detect-valueUnlike Enumerable#detect, #detect_value returns the evaluated value.
71122,08622,968fueFind an e-mail address of a GitHub user.
72132,03137,463google-finance-ruby-clientGoogle Finance web API ruby client with support for retrieving stock quotes and histori...
73139,11737,463module-mixinsHelp with inspecting mixed-in Ruby modules.
74148,77737,463slack-ruby-bot-server-mailchimpMailchimp extension for slack-ruby-bot-server.
75149,41237,463frgomFirst ruby gem of many.
76153,99029,421strava-ruby-cliStrava API CLI.
77159,42637,463fafFind active GitHub forks.