Schneems's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
14070sprocketsSprockets is a Rack-based asset packaging system that concatenates and serves JavaScrip...
250134execjsExecJS lets you run JavaScript code from Ruby.
351100sprockets-railsSprockets Rails integration
465206coffee-script-sourceCoffeeScript is a little language that compiles into JavaScript. Underneath all of ...
566168sass-railsSass adapter for the Rails asset pipeline.
671212coffee-scriptRuby CoffeeScript is a bridge to the JS CoffeeScript compiler.
779233coffee-railsCoffeeScript adapter for the Rails asset pipeline.
810855pumaPuma is a simple, fast, threaded, and highly concurrent HTTP 1.1 server for Ruby/Rack a...
95741,102rails_stdout_loggingSets Rails to log to stdout
105861,094rails_serve_static_assetsForce Rails to serve static assets
116091,117rails_12factorRun Rails the 12factor way
12637635get_process_memGet memory usage of a process in Ruby
13740574rack-timeoutRack middleware which aborts requests that have been running for longer than a specifie...
141,1241,362puma_worker_killerKills pumas, the code kind
151,269814derailed_benchmarksGo faster, off the Rails
161,275808heapyGot a heap dump? Great. Use this tool to see what's in it!
171,4631,580heroicsA Ruby client generator for HTTP APIs described with a JSON schema
181,5261,579platform-apiRuby HTTP client for the Heroku API.
191,5571,890wickedWicked is a Rails engine for producing easy wizard controllers
202,8135,352sextantSextant is a Rails engine that quickly shows the routes available
212,9052,937derailedA shortcut for "derailed_benchmarks"
223,0761,854barnesReport GC usage data to StatsD.
236,1974,181pg_lockA Postgres advisory lock client
246,3744,836postgresqlRequires 'pg', the Postgresql client for Ruby
257,5406,905puma-herokuA Puma plugin that contains the default Heroku config
269,1228,288maildownBest practice is to send text/plain && text/html markdown works great for both, so why ...
279,3159,130heroku_hatchetHatchet is a an integration testing library for developing Heroku buildpacks.
289,76639,025keytarUse Keytar to automatically generate keys based on class name instead of cluttering mod...
2911,30422,695oproEnable OAuth clients (iphone, android, web sites, etc.) to access and use your Rails ap...
3014,87110,546rrrretryRetries code when an exception is raised an arbitrary number of times
3116,83420,190method_cacheableCache methods quickly and easily
3216,91239,025sprockets_better_errorsRaise now so you don't pay later
3318,98512,286repl_runnerProgramatically drive REPL like interfaces, irb, bash, etc.
3419,46539,025git_testgit_test runs your tests and stores them in git. Use git_test to track tests over multi...
3519,69812,286threadedQueue stuff in memory
3620,53826,588qA universal interface for Ruby queueing backends.
3720,9165,208attendanceChanges behavior of Active Record present?
3822,13039,025likeableLikeable allows you to make your models...well...likeable using redis.
3925,70714,199the_lone_dynoRun code on only a certain number of Heroku dynos, isolated
4026,52213,615hey_youTrigger custom events with postgres
4131,61326,588git_hub_bubgit_hub_bub makes github requests
4231,92726,588threaded_in_memory_queueQueue stuff in memory
4337,72822,695proc_to_lambdaTurn your procs to lambdas in no time
4443,10439,025rouletteSuper easy pre-sharding for your ruby NOSQL store. Presharding is used to naively scale...
4548,14439,025rails_on_herokuMake Running Rails 4 on Heroku easier
4653,38639,025puma_auto_tunePuma performance without all the (T)pain
4761,75139,025cdn_sumo_sprockets_rails2The gem allows Rails 2.3 apps to use the same asset pipeline funct...
4862,42522,695wait_for_itMake your complicated integration tests more deterministic with wait for it
4963,24439,025explain_shellBash interface to
5064,87939,025let_it_goFinds un-frozen string literals in your program
5165,51639,025resque_defDefining Resque boilerplate since 2013
5282,32222,695rundocRunDOC turns docs to runable code
53102,99239,025heap_inspectGot a heap dump? Great. Use this tool to see what's in it!
54104,45239,025modestyModesty is simple and scalable split testing and event tracking framework. It was inspi...
55105,67239,025johnny_cache"I've Been Everywhere" and I'm tired of writing cache wrappers "One Piece at a Time" fo...
56116,39739,025docdowndocdown turns docs to runable code
57143,06239,025living_deadLivingDead traces objects to see if they are retained or freed by MRI