Mhenrixon's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
11,0331,206sidekiq-unique-jobsPrevents simultaneous Sidekiq jobs with the same unique arguments to run. Highly config...
22,3121,281brpoplpush-redis_scriptBring your own LUA scripts into redis.
37,4374,797active_campaignA simple ruby wrapper for the ActiveCampaign API
412,17421,700sapienceHasslefree autoconfiguration for logging, metrics and exception collection.
532,90629,434surrounded-railsThis sets up your ActiveRecord/Mongoid, ActionController, ActionView objects to use Sur...
645,31541,655rubocop-mhenrixonConvenience gem to handle my rubocop configuration in multiple projects.
746,34041,655zoo-generatorsA collection of useful Rails generator scripts for scaffolding, layout files, authentic...
850,53417,855soap-response_cutterGets rid of from soap responses
956,09741,655stub_requestsAn abstraction on top of WebMock to build stubbed HTTP requests
1056,35221,700simplecov-ojOj formatter for SimpleCov code coverage tool for ruby 2.4+
1156,65241,655multi_smsGem for handling multiple SMS API's
1262,25641,655advertilecopRuboCop patched for to enforce the use of Advertile Style Guidelines
1375,23441,655rcompileThis gem contains a little helper to compile an entire rails app into pure html/css
1492,08529,434simplecov-sublimeSublime formatter for SimpleCov code coverage tool for ruby 2.5+
15122,73841,655rspec-ojRSpec matchers and Cucumber steps for testing JSON content