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#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
110,4857,126fullname-parserFor parsing people's fullname into pieces(prefix/first/middle/last/suffix)
252,68928,918baidu_api-geocodingA ruby version of Baidu API Geocoder client.
353,16167,324fullname-matcherProvide fullname, search in database with proper conditions
457,21967,324themeableCreating theme, and puting into your Rails app
563,20832,087baidu_api-lbs_cloudBaidu LBS Cloud API.
672,58667,324ym4r-anonymizerAn extension of Ym4r, allow us geocode address with proxy and automatically iterate API...
790,12342,864baidu_apiInstall this gem if you want all BaiduAPIs to be required.
8102,78067,324omniauth-tanmerThis is the strategy for authenticating to your Tanmer service
9110,33852,951rails-i18n-generatorThis gem is re-built from gem i18n_yaml_generator
10119,19452,951vuejs-webpack-railsProduction-tested, JavaScript-first tooling to use Vuejs + Webpack within your Rails ap...
11134,63567,324weixin_pamWith this engine, you can manage multiple Weixin Public Accounts
12135,32667,324yun_tong_xunAPI doc: http://docs.yuntongxun.com/index.php/Rest介绍
13141,51967,324tmf_commonDescription of TmfCommon.
14144,78452,951crossbrowserjsIf you don't want use CDN or download them manually, this is for you
15146,17067,324itemableMake your ActiveRecord model to be an item, has polymorphic children and parents.
16148,10267,324ip_locator_cnResolve IP with qqwry.data, can download qqwry.data on the air.
17153,02242,864tanmerThere are many Tanmer tools.
18153,48520,094tanmer_ui-material_dashboardMaterial Dashboard Pro