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#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
110,50615,874fullname-parserFor parsing people's fullname into pieces(prefix/first/middle/last/suffix)
254,26339,025baidu_api-geocodingA ruby version of Baidu API Geocoder client.
355,07139,025fullname-matcherProvide fullname, search in database with proper conditions
457,55039,025themeableCreating theme, and puting into your Rails app
565,00739,025baidu_api-lbs_cloudBaidu LBS Cloud API.
675,11339,025ym4r-anonymizerAn extension of Ym4r, allow us geocode address with proxy and automatically iterate API...
792,46939,025baidu_apiInstall this gem if you want all BaiduAPIs to be required.
8101,98039,025omniauth-tanmerThis is the strategy for authenticating to your Tanmer service
9112,55339,025rails-i18n-generatorThis gem is re-built from gem i18n_yaml_generator
10120,25639,025vuejs-webpack-railsProduction-tested, JavaScript-first tooling to use Vuejs + Webpack within your Rails ap...
11138,16439,025weixin_pamWith this engine, you can manage multiple Weixin Public Accounts
12138,81939,025yun_tong_xunAPI doc: http://docs.yuntongxun.com/index.php/Rest介绍
13144,62339,025tmf_commonDescription of TmfCommon.
14147,15639,025crossbrowserjsIf you don't want use CDN or download them manually, this is for you
15148,56726,588tanmerThere are many Tanmer tools.
16148,74339,025ip_locator_cnResolve IP with qqwry.data, can download qqwry.data on the air.
17150,22439,025itemableMake your ActiveRecord model to be an item, has polymorphic children and parents.
18153,48520,094tanmer_ui-material_dashboardMaterial Dashboard Pro