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#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
18,5786,894psdParse Photoshop PSD files with ease
210,4086,317sidekiq-gelfGELF logging for Sidekiq
312,2106,827psd-enginedataParser for the markup format used in the PSD file format
414,90410,636apple-newsFully-featured library for fetching and creating content with the Apple News API.
515,99918,992ajax-chosen-railsChosen is a javascript library of select box enhancer for jQuery and Protoype. This gem...
621,19146,158psd_nativeNative mixins to speed up PSD.rb
733,09746,158disk_storeCache files the smart way.
834,07818,992aseReader/writer for Adobe Swatch Exchange files
957,83046,158escapementGiven a HTML formatted string, escapement will extract descendant tags into a device ag...
1067,29246,158flickr-storeStore arbitrary data with your 1TB Flickr cloud drive.
1168,59446,158twitpic-fullProvides full and simple to use access to the TwitPic API, including photo uploads
1272,50646,158divergenceMap subdomains to git branches for switching live codebases on the fly. It's a Rack app...
1376,97246,158layervaultThe LayerVault Ruby API client.
1480,22146,158git-lfs-s3A Git LFS server that uses S3 for the storage backend.
1585,71046,158deviantElasticsearch backed exception logging
1686,91246,158png-encodeEncode/decode arbitrary data within the PNG file format
1792,17240,005lv-jekyll-pluginsJekyll plugins for LayerVault public pages
18113,10646,158omniauth-layervaultOfficial OmniAuth strategy for LayerVault
19151,41246,158nano-walletA library for generating account private/public keys and addresses for the Nano cryptoc...
20156,91046,158ed25519_blake2bRuby library for ed25519, but with blake2b as the hashing function as required by the N...