Sbrossie's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
18,36212,375killbill-clientAn API client library for Kill Bill.
29,20217,065kauiRails UI plugin for Killbill administration.
39,27618,393killbillBase classes to write plugins.
411,60222,969killbill-paypal-expressKill Bill payment plugin for Paypal Express Checkout.
512,85022,969kpmA package manager for Kill Bill.
614,38327,725killbill-litleKill Bill payment plugin for Litle & Co.
715,68638,238killbill-payment-testKill Bill Plugin to test the payment plugin api.
820,04112,611killbill-cybersourceKill Bill payment plugin for Cybersource.
922,59285,335zuora4rA client for Zuora API
1024,22832,068killbill-notification-testKillbill Plugin to test notification plugin api
1125,14285,335kloggerLog all events generated by Kill Bill.
1225,33238,238killbill-zendeskKill Bill notification plugin for Zendesk.
1327,52822,969kanauiRails UI plugin for the Analytics plugin.
1430,61714,746killbill-stripeKill Bill payment plugin for Stripe.
1530,73813,832killbill-orbitalKill Bill payment plugin for Orbital.
1632,45232,068killbill-kpmPlugin to manage installed plugins
1734,55585,335killbill-currency-pluginCurrency Plugin based on a static currency table.
1847,34932,068killbill-currency-plugin-testMock plugin used for integration tests.
1951,49524,929killbill-avataxRails UI plugin for the Avatax plugin.
2066,43838,238killbill-helloworldHello World Kill Bill plugin in Ruby
2167,02685,335killbill-braintree_blueKill Bill payment plugin for BraintreeBlue.
2271,61332,068killbill-payu-latamKill Bill payment plugin for PayU Latam.
2372,54932,068killbill-payment-test-uiRails UI plugin for the payment-test plugin.
2476,23638,238killbill-invoice-testKill Bill Plugin to test the invoice plugin api.
2591,40485,335killbill-entitlement-testKill Bill Plugin to test the entitlement plugin api.
26104,64850,070killbill-catalog-ruby-pluginKill Bill Plugin to illustrate the use of the Catalog Plugin api.
27109,08985,335knpExternally-facing proxy to forward notifications to Kill Bill
28120,93232,068killbill-payment-control-testKill Bill Plugin to test the payment control plugin api.
29121,04738,238killbill-securenetKill Bill payment plugin for SecureNet.
30121,46838,238killbill-firstdata_e4Kill Bill payment plugin for First Data e4.
31146,94285,335koffsite_paymentsThis fork contains unmerged pull requests for additional gateways.