Coderanger's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
12,4312,857chefspecChefSpec is a unit testing and resource coverage (code coverage) framework for testing ...
24,1115,328kitchen-syncImproved file transfers for for test-kitchen
38,80635,619rspec-commandAn RSpec helper module for testing command-line tools.
411,42996,446poise-ruby-spechelperA helper for testing poise-ruby providers.
511,7649,055haliteA set of helpers to write Chef cookbooks as Ruby gems.
612,6489,734poiseHelpers for writing extensible Chef cookbooks.
713,71010,724poise-boilerBoilerplate-reduction helpers for Poise/Halite-style gemss.
815,78352,624poise-service-spechelperA helper for testing poise-service providers.
928,05118,183poise-serviceA Chef cookbook for managing system services.
1028,973134,269yard-classmethodsYARD documentation helper for ClassMethods-style modules.
1129,55345,150knife-solveA knife plugin to display cookbook version solutions.
1229,98518,961poise-languagesA Chef cookbook to help writing language cookbooks.
1333,517136,642dcoA command line tool to help manage Developer Certificate of Origin projects.
1435,09062,167poise-profilerA Chef cookbook for profiling performance in CI.
1542,36224,373poise-pythonA Chef cookbook for managing Python installations.
1643,43930,142poise-archiveA Chef cookbook for unpacking file archives like tar and zip.
1745,53526,070poise-monitA Chef cookbook for managing the Monit process manager.
1867,75540,448poise-rubyA Chef cookbook for managing Ruby installations.
1983,77052,624poise-ruby-buildA Chef cookbook for managing Ruby installations using ruby-build.
2085,47796,446kitchen-kubernetesA Kubernetes Driver for Test Kitchen
2187,78452,624poise-javascriptA Chef cookbook for managing Node.js and io.js installations.
2290,35052,624poise-hoistAutomatically hoist environment level-attributes from Policyfiles.
2392,81262,167poise-application-gitA plugin for poise-application to deploy applications from git.
2494,83262,167poise-applicationA Chef cookbook for deploying application code.
2599,80362,167poise-application-rubyA Chef cookbook for deploying application code.
26104,13796,446knife-countA knife plugin to quickly display the number of nodes in a Chef search query.
27113,40196,446kitchen-zoneThis rubygem does not have a description or summary.
28115,82975,774poise-service-runitAn extension for poise-service to support runit.
29122,96975,774poise-derivedA Chef cookbook for defining lazily evaluated node attributes.
30126,956136,642airliftThis rubygem does not have a description or summary.
31135,00496,446poise-citadelDSL for accessing secret data stored on S3 using IAM roles.
32137,90796,446rubocop-chefThis rubygem does not have a description or summary.
33137,98775,774poise-tls-remote-fileA Chef cookbook cookbook to download files over HTTPS using TLS client certificate auth...
34148,82296,446knife-advisorA knife plugin to get some help!
35149,88596,446rspec-paramAn RSpec helper to write parameterized tests with less boilerplate.
36150,63296,446poise-application-pythonA Chef cookbook for deploying Python application code.
37150,86396,446poise-application-javascriptA Chef cookbook for deploying server-side JavaScript application code.
38153,22896,446poise-service-monitAn extension for poise-service to support Monit.
39153,27896,446poise-monit-compatA deprecated Chef cookbook for managing the Monit process manager.
40154,49796,446poise-gitA Chef cookbook for installing and using Git.
41155,02896,446poise-build-essentialA Chef cookbook to install a C compiler and build tools.
42160,74296,446poise-fileA Chef cookbook for advanced file managent.