Lfittl's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
11,295641pg_queryParses SQL queries using a copy of the PostgreSQL server query parser
23,8314,160activerecord-multi-tenantActiveRecord/Rails integration for multi-tenant databases, in particular the Citus exte...
38,3775,902activerecord-clean-db-structureNever worry about weird diffs and merge conflicts again
439,59365,559usercycleRuby library for integrating with the USERcycle API
541,77720,483deploytoDeployment tool for web application platforms powered by EFC.
645,43426,734dblintAutomatically tests your Rails app for common database query mistakes
772,47665,559spanner-lfittlNatural language time span parsing & formatting
876,37165,559pluck_global_idGet GlobalIDs from an ActiveRecord scope without instantiating AR objects
989,63765,559objspace_helpersDiff the heap to find leaks & get other ObjectSpace info more easily.
1098,16750,531braintree_country_selectRails Helper to get an HTML select list of countries. Uses country data from the braint...
11102,72231,210activerecord-copySupports binary COPY into PostgreSQL with activerecord
12107,09665,559orm_adapter_activeresourceExtends orm_adapter with support for ActiveResource
13114,38465,559pg_qtopShows the top queries running on your server using pg_stat_statements
14116,50565,559hsdeployDeployment tool for web application platforms powered by HostingStack.
15127,09733,765citus-railsCitus Rails Integration
16150,74943,372citus-rails-4.2Citus Rails Integration (Rails 4.2)
17154,01916,458bundler-path-build-extThis rubygem does not have a description or summary.