Gottfrois's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
15,7586,624link_thumbnailerRuby gem generating thumbnail images from a given URL.
26,3406,497image_infoImageInfo finds the size and type of a single or multiple images from the web by fetchi...
38,6997,418faraday_middleware-circuit_breakerA Faraday Middleware to handle spotty web services.
48,84985,335grape-attackA middleware for Grape to add endpoint-specific throttling.
515,42713,046dashing-railsThe exceptionally handsome dashboard framework for Rails.
639,15112,841grape-knockUse Knock with Grape.
739,79924,929re_captchaGoogle reCaptcha helpers and verifier
857,43424,929rails_event_store_mongoidImplementation of events repository based on Mongoid for Rails Event Store'
970,87432,068minosEasy and repeatable Kubernetes deployment based on Docker images
10111,30750,070dashing-hotnessDashing widget that changes the widget's color depending on the value displayed
11117,57785,335grape-kongUse Kong OAuth2 Authentication with Grape.
12129,54550,070dashing-newrelicDashing-Rails widget that display newrelic metrics
13131,43450,070dashing-semaphoreDashing widget that display build status of project on Semaphore CI
14155,17685,335beezSimple, efficient ruby workers for Zeebe business processes.