Parker's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
18981,328jekyllJekyll is a simple, blog aware, static site generator.
2985760tomlParse your TOML, seriously.
39921,402jekyll-sass-converterA basic Sass converter for Jekyll.
49951,450jekyll-watchRebuild your Jekyll site when a file changes with the `--watch` switch.
59991,376mercenaryLightweight and flexible library for writing command-line apps in Ruby.
61,0081,467coloratorColorize your text in the terminal.
71,4291,754jekyll-feedA Jekyll plugin to generate an Atom feed of your Jekyll posts
81,5401,843jekyll-sitemapAutomatically generate a sitemap.xml for your Jekyll site.
91,5861,796jekyll-seo-tagA Jekyll plugin to add metadata tags for search engines and social networks to better i...
101,6122,119jekyll-paginateBuilt-in Pagination Generator for Jekyll
111,8332,048minimaA beautiful, minimal theme for Jekyll.
121,8702,088jekyll-redirect-fromSeamlessly specify multiple redirection URLs for your pages and posts
131,8732,318jekyll-gistLiquid tag for displaying GitHub Gists in Jekyll sites.
141,9572,482jekyll-coffeescriptA CoffeeScript converter for Jekyll.
152,1032,217github-pagesBootstrap the GitHub Pages Jekyll environment locally.
162,1652,444jemojiGitHub-flavored emoji plugin for Jekyll
172,2732,570jekyll-mentions@mention support for your Jekyll site
182,2892,342github-pages-health-checkChecks your GitHub Pages site for commons DNS configuration issues.
192,3942,447jekyll-github-metadataThe site.github namespace
202,5712,524jekyll-theme-primerPrimer is a Jekyll theme for GitHub Pages based on GitHub's Primer styles
212,5792,479jekyll-theme-hackerHacker is a Jekyll theme for GitHub Pages
222,5892,541jekyll-theme-caymanCayman is a Jekyll theme for GitHub Pages
232,5912,527jekyll-theme-minimalMinimal is a Jekyll theme for GitHub Pages
242,5962,530jekyll-theme-architectArchitect is a Jekyll theme for GitHub Pages
252,5972,539jekyll-theme-slateSlate is a Jekyll theme for GitHub Pages
262,5982,540jekyll-theme-time-machineTime Machine is a Jekyll theme for GitHub Pages
272,5992,534jekyll-theme-leap-dayLeap Day is a Jekyll theme for GitHub Pages
282,6002,534jekyll-theme-midnightMidnight is a Jekyll theme for GitHub Pages
292,6012,538jekyll-theme-dinkyDinky is a Jekyll theme for GitHub Pages
302,6022,534jekyll-theme-merlotMerlot is a Jekyll theme for GitHub Pages
312,6032,530jekyll-theme-tactileTactile is a Jekyll theme for GitHub Pages
322,6042,530jekyll-theme-modernistModernist is a Jekyll theme for GitHub Pages
332,8062,569jekyll-commonmarkCommonMark generator for Jekyll
342,8605,891classifier-rebornA general classifier module to allow Bayesian and other types of classifications.
355,2084,829jekyll-archivesAutomatically generate post archives by dates, tags, and categories.
366,46814,577octopress-hooksAllows access to Jekyll's site, posts and pages at different points in the life cycle o...
377,2796,341capistrano-slack-notifyMinimalist Capistrano 2 notifier for Slack.
387,4813,672jekyll-composeStreamline your writing in Jekyll with these commands.
398,05934,854octopressOctopress is an obsessively designed framework for Jekyll blogging. It’s easy to config...
408,21014,577jekyll-importProvides the Import command for Jekyll.
4110,11950,487jekyll-textile-converterTextile converter for Jekyll.
4213,49947,328jekyll_test_plugin_maliciousA malicious gem for Jekyll (for testing)
4313,51850,487jekyll_test_pluginA test plugin for Jekyll's 'gem' config option
4416,00228,245octopress-paginateA nice and simple paginator for Jekyll sites.
4516,90744,371jekyll-docsOffline usage documentation for Jekyll.
4623,28577,249tita stupid fucking twitter client
4741,57350,487jekyll-html-pipelineThis is a custom Markdown processor for Jekyll 2.0 and above. It allows you to use GitH...
4848,13877,249hoosegowHoosegow provides an RPC layer on top of Docker containers so that you can isolate unsa...
4949,41422,577compass-cornell-pluginA Compass plugin for the creation of Cornell University-branded websites.
5063,22950,487ebooksGenerate your own horse_ebooks for fun and for profit
5169,96577,249jekyll-opalLet Jekyll convert your Ruby into JavaScript using Opal.
5277,08650,487git-merge-prMerge a pull request on from the command-line.
5377,76329,530compass-leacocksA Compass plugin for the creation of Leacock's-branded websites.
54113,36777,249squad_goalsA tiny app to allow open-source contributors to opt-in to GitHub teams.
55115,40277,249link-rewriter-filterA filter to rewrite links so that files can be viewable on GitHub and a static server
56122,52777,249tockIt's a parser for TOML written in Ruby.
57127,33777,249jekyll-alt-urlsSeamlessly specify multiple redirection URLs for your pages and posts
58131,54877,249jekyll-filesystem-jailHow Jekyll accesses your file system (safely).
59151,56477,249jekyll-serveThe `jekyll serve` command.