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16,89942,298bankservThis engine allows users to inject requests into a queue to be processed. ...
29,64756,521absa-h2hThe interface supports Account holder verifications, EFT payments, Debit orders, collec...
312,71956,521absa-notify-meThis is just a rapidly prototyped proof of concept gem for bankserv gem and those ...
415,2867,152pacioliA double-entry bookkeeping system for Ruby on Rails
522,09456,521absa-esdA ruby interface to commumicate with the ABSA Electronic Statement Delivery platform.
651,14556,521uomiManage invoices.
790,02856,521strataA gem for manipulating string-based records.
8142,82356,521za_bank_scraperScrapes South African Bank website for ofx statements (ABSA, STD Bank, FNB).