Haus's Gems

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#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
16751,136hieraA pluggable data store for hierarcical data
29141,299rspec-puppetRSpec tests for your Puppet manifests
39201,312puppetlabs_spec_helperContains rake tasks and a standard spec_helper for running spec tests on puppet modules.
49431,207semantic_puppetTools used by Puppet to parse, validate, and compare Semantic Versions and Version Rang...
5973953puppet_forgeTools that can be used to access Forge API information on Modules, Users, and Releases....
61,6682,529beakerPuppet's accceptance testing harness
71,7874,396mcollective-clientClient libraries for the Mcollective Application Server
81,8483,170beaker-rspecRSpec bindings for beaker, see
92,3342,487net_http_unixWrapper around Net::HTTP with AF_UNIX support
102,91010,502hiera-puppetStore and query Hiera data from Puppet
116,1377,565master_manipulatorThis gem extends the Beaker DSL for the purpose of changing things on a Puppet master
1215,85846,463pe-razor-clientRazor is an advanced provisioning application which can deploy both bare-metal and virt...
1321,63656,484hiera-jsonStore Hiera data in JSON
1488,76456,484tellyImports beaker results into TestRail test run results
15128,888125,284puppetmodule-netdev_stdlibNetDev Standard Library provides Puppet types to configure network devices