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#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
1176275backportsEssential backports that enable many of the nice features of Ruby for earlier versions.
21,8121,932inky-rbInky is an HTML-based templating language that converts simple HTML into complex, respo...
34,2276,072calendar_date_selectCalendar date picker for rails
45,4333,628packableIf you need to do read and write binary data, there is of course
58,9887,678auto_completeGem for the legacy auto_complete plugin
69,08522,808swf_fuTreat your swf files like other assets
79,2274,186matrixAn implementation of Matrix and Vector classes.
811,5267,205deep-coverexpression and branch coverage for Ruby.
912,1318,483with_progressprogressbar for enumerables
1014,3403,780ostructClass to build custom data structures, similar to a Hash.
1115,09099,272fruityComparing apples with apples
1216,1167,973deep-cover-coreCore functionality for the DeepCover gem.
1319,72333,557googleajaxRuby wrapper to the Google AJAX API REST interfaces(Feeds, Language and Search).
1421,38332,249scheherazadeWith Sheherazade's imagination and storytelling skills, fixtures can be as entertaining...
1524,24840,683flveditflvedit allows you to: * compute metadata for FLV files * merge, split or c...
1632,26045,791git-deltaCalculate the number of lines added/subtracted in a git directory
1740,32285,445migration_revertRevert ActiveRecord migrations
1843,89356,697has_blob_bit_fieldAcces a binary column as a sequence of true/false flags
1997,195120,462parser_tree_rewriterAdds Parser::Source::TreeRewriter to parser, until next release
20108,924120,462rails_joinUse [...].join without worrying
21135,23045,791css_mediaFilter CSS to produce only @media rules
22150,19199,272libraries_ioA Wrapper for built on tlaw
23157,932120,462require_relative_dirBasic utility to require a directory.