Lunks's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
18491,537select2-railsSelect2 is a jQuery based replacement for select boxes. It supports searching, remote d...
215,13115,432tazaTaza is an opinionated page object framework.
318,64412,308pahA rails application template which born from Startup DEV and now is used to start most ...
424,54540,415oauth1Simple OAuth 1.0 Helper to generate URLs with HMAC-SHA1 encoding.
529,40532,383jumpupA synchronous continuous integration gem.
646,60636,049static_contentstatic_content provides a simple way of outputting static content in your app.
764,49353,589vaporRetrieve user information from Steam.
867,58853,589psnPSN allows you to interact with the Playstation Network.
979,12864,020omniauth-facebook-railsIntegrate your app with Facebook.
1090,40978,560lunks_rghostRuby Ghostscript Engine is a document creation and conversion API, support(PDF,PS,GIF,T...
11126,453101,029lunks-rails_sql_viewsAdds support for using SQL views within ActiveRecord
12128,135101,029favorite_itFavorite stuff with this gem.
13134,277101,029sigameAllow users to follow each other.
14135,031101,029lunks-wepayThe WePay Ruby SDK lets you easily make WePay API calls from ruby. This versions adds a...