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13,7987,327sugarcube== Description CocoaTouch/iOS is a *verbose* framework. These extensions hope to make...
25,7239,290ProMotionProMotion gives RubyMotion iOS view controllers a more Ruby-like API.
36,9799,167bubble-wrapRubyMotion wrappers and helpers (Ruby for iOS and OS X) - Making Cocoa APIs more Ruby l...
48,18354,969teacupTeacup is a community-driven DSL for RubyMotion. It has CSS-like styling, and helps cr...
58,95676,698ibMagic rubymotion ib outlets support
613,13254,969motion-firebaseAdds more rubyesque methods to the built-in classes.
714,06519,047mad_chatterMad Chatter is a fun, easy to customize chat server, utilizing HTML 5 Web Sockets
814,31569,907redpotionRedPotion - The best combination of RubyMotion tools and libraries
914,93810,782cdqCore Data Query for RubyMotion
1014,97042,207motion-supportCommonly useful extensions to the standard library for RubyMotion. Ported from ActiveSu...
1117,55422,128geomotionA RubyMotion Geometry Wrapper
1226,66633,749bubble-wrap-httpBubbleWrap's deprecated HTTP library
1329,31176,698ProMotion-XLFormAdds XLForm screen support to ProMotion.
1434,66269,907ProMotion-formAdds form screen support to ProMotion.
1535,68676,698ProMotion-mapAdds PM::MapScreen support to ProMotion.
1637,97076,698ProMotion-pushAdds push notification support to ProMotion.
1748,07576,698rcade_colorsProvides additional CSS Hex value and opacity support for Gosu.
1850,79954,969motion-provisioningA small library that manages certificates and profiles automatically, from the command ...
1956,73650,601ProMotion-menuProMotion DSL integration with MMDrawerController cocoapod providing a left and/or righ...
2071,41276,698motion-settingsA RubyMotion gem to help you easily store and retrieve your user's preferences and sett...
2175,55076,698ProMotion-iapAdds in-app purchase support to ProMotion.
2288,50876,698rcade_controlsA library of standard arcade controller keyboard mappings.
2389,09776,698presentationCreate fullscreen presentations using Ruby.
2490,72735,138crittercismCrash reporting for your RubyMotion app.
2594,42476,698moticonsThe easiest way to add icons to your RubyMotion app.
26104,29976,698kaleiProvides the Kalei style guide as a Rack mountable Ruby application.
27109,14450,601motion-htmlParse and traverse HTML in your RubyMotion app. It's like Nokogiri for RubyMotion!
28110,35154,969compartmentComing Soon
29116,99376,698rcadeA platform for building arcade games in Ruby.
30118,17476,698rcade_menuA set of components for building Gosu menu screens.
31118,17476,698waitressA minimal server provisioning tool. Pick from the menu and she'll take it to the chef.
32133,23342,207motion-authenticationA simple, standardized authentication helper for common authentication strategies for R...
33133,23376,698redpotion-generatorsAdditional command line generators for RedPotion. Adds scaffolding, form, and model gen...
34135,78376,698motion-restA RubyMotion model framework for RESTful JSON APIs.
35136,57076,698motion-authorizationSimple authorization for RubyMotion. Inspired by CanCan and Pundit.
36137,14876,698motion-httpA cross-platform HTTP client for RubyMotion that's quick and easy to use.
37140,81776,698refile-neo4jAdd Neo4j support to Refile.