Durran's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
1350509bsonA fully featured BSON specification implementation in Ruby
2543616mongoA Ruby driver for MongoDB
3865897mongoidMongoid is an ODM (Object Document Mapper) Framework for MongoDB, written in Ruby.
41,1102,512bson_extC extensions to accelerate the Ruby BSON serialization. For more information about BSON...
51,5053,074originOrigin is a simple DSL for generating MongoDB selectors and options
61,7641,521mongoid-compatibilityCompatibility helpers for Mongoid.
72,0264,057mopedA MongoDB driver for Ruby.
82,4072,650lhmMigrate large tables without downtime by copying to a temporary table in chunks. The ol...
92,4761,694mongoid-historyThis library tracks historical changes for any document, including embedded ones. It ac...
102,5512,813mongoid-grid_fsA pure Mongoid/Moped implementation of the MongoDB GridFS specification
112,6352,329mongoid-rspecRSpec matches for Mongoid models, including association and validation matchers.
122,6853,986optionableRobust options validation for methods.
134,3985,486mongo_session_storeRails session stores for Mongoid, or any other ODM. Rails 4 compatible.
144,6195,742mongoid-lockerAllows multiple processes to operate on individual documents in MongoDB while ensuring ...
155,6604,515mongoid-slugMongoid URL slug or permalink generator
165,8817,537mongoid_searchSimple full text search implementation.
176,1859,144mongoid_orderableEnables Mongoid models to track their position in list
186,6135,379mongoid-geospatialMongoid Extension that simplifies MongoDB casting and operations on spatial Ruby objects.
199,80828,255mongoid-cached-jsonCached-json is a DSL for describing JSON representations of Mongoid models.
209,98114,506mongoid-scrollMongoid extensions to enable infinite scroll.
2110,120102,727kiqstandMongoid Middleware for Sidekiq
2210,15223,880mongoid-shellDerive shell commands from Mongoid configuration options.
2311,21864,872durran-validatableValidatable is a library for adding validations.
2419,09319,062mongo_kerberosAdds Kerberos authentication via libsasl to the MongoDB Ruby Driver on MRI and JRuby
2523,94294,395mongoid-collection-snapshotEasy maintenence of collections of processed data in MongoDB with the Mongoid ODM.
2658,24182,050mongoid-tag-collectibleEasily maintain a collection of Tag instances with aggregate counts from your model's t...
2786,549154,302durran-carrierwave* RDoc Documentation {available at Rubyforge}[http://carrierwave.rubyforge.org/rdoc]. *...
2888,621119,826forkitProcess Array#each blocks concurrently with JDK7 ForkJoinPools using JRuby.
2989,80082,050darstellungSimple and fast representations for APIs in Ruby
30110,797131,316moped-turboC extensions for Moped, a Ruby driver for MongoDB
31119,510131,316posterboyAdds full-text search to Active Record models on PostgreSQL
32129,107131,316thedukeProcess Array#each blocks concurrently with JDK7 ForkJoinPools.