Dplummer's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
12,4412,664redis-session-storeA drop-in replacement for e.g. MemCacheStore to store Rails sessions (and Rails session...
217,42118,420dbhijackerAllows a single Rails appliation to access many different databases
322,96470,382roar-extensionsUseful extensions to roar
423,21519,828sexy_json_schemasA DSL for generating JSON Schemas
523,88080,006doctor-swaggerDSL for generating swagger resource documentation
626,447103,205influxdb_setupRake task for setting up an influxdb database and queries
730,16260,926overall_request_timesFor recording overall times using remote services.
830,428103,205rack_set_request_idFor use with Rails and the RequestId gem, this sets the request id so it can be sent on...
933,087103,205service_contract_webmockA library for generating webmock mocks with ServiceContract schemas
1035,63726,063cachextDon't calculate the cached value twice at the same time. Use a backup of the data if th...
1147,04839,177pretty_timeoutsA faraday middleware to make timeouts prettier
1248,50960,926app_name_headerTo set the X-App-Name http header
1359,42880,006gyroscopeCoerces values in params hash for search scoping
1466,12043,761services_test_serverServer for controlling a remote service during a client integration test run.
1568,03750,424amazon_mws_productsA client for AmazonMWS Products API
1670,05950,424boxcutterWrapper for BlueBoxGroup's API
1772,695103,205rancher-management_apiClient for creating environments and apikeys for Rancher.
1873,43622,472name_tagged_cee_sysloggerTags with names, formatted for kibana, outputted to syslog
1980,54750,424cc-cliThis is a command line client for exploring CrystalCommerce APIs
2083,53270,382webhook_stopwatch_clientClient for sending events to webhook stopwatch
2198,720103,205resque-hijackerFor use with the Hijacker plugin for multiple databases.
22103,41280,006crystal_apiA library for using the CrystalCommerce API.
23105,538103,205rtsdA Ruby client for OpenTSDB, for writing metrics to the API.
24109,82756,038force_ssl_middlewareSame as ActionDispatch::SSL, add support for excluded_paths
25122,944103,205db-hijackerAllows a single Rails appliation to access many different databases
26148,366103,205mtg_search_parserA ruby implementation of a MTG search string parser.
27152,963103,205faraday_overall_request_timesMiddleware for recording request times to remote services
28153,993103,205service_name_headerTo set the X-Service-Name http header
29163,15080,006switchboard-contractService Contract for Avvo's Public API