Stakach's Gems

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#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
1967429ffi-compilerRuby FFI library
21,277506http-parserA super fast http parser for ruby. Cross platform and multiple ruby implementation ...
31,5531,602scryptThe scrypt key derivation function is designed to be far more secure against hardwa...
410,8836,037libuvAn opinionated wrapper around libuv for Ruby
512,57829,654uv-raysOpinionated abstractions for Libuv
615,70911,612spider-gazelleSpidergazelle, spidergazelle, amazingly agile, she leaps through the veldt, Spide...
717,27873,502perusSimple system overview server
818,24732,070co-elastic-queryElasticsearch query generator
922,95038,847ruby-tlsAllows transport layers outside Ruby TCP to be secured.
1024,88457,816couchbase-idOverwrites the existing couchbase-model id implementation
1126,8037,949libcouchbaseA wrapper around libcouchbase for Ruby
1227,06757,816condoProvides signed upload signatures to your users browsers so they can upload directly to...
1329,18132,070couchbase-ormA Couchbase ORM for Rails
1430,77426,495stakach-algorithmsA library of algorithms and containers.
1537,38573,502em-promiseEventMachine based, promise/deferred implementation
1637,43673,502aca-device-modulesBuilding automation and IoT control modules
1741,48157,816automate-emA framework for building automation.
1849,64173,502condo_interfaceA feature rich, embeddable, responsive interface for CoTag Condo.
1951,60132,070evented-sshSSH on the Ruby platform using event driven IO
2052,06873,502celluloid-promiseCelluloid based multi-threaded promise implementation
2157,28532,070doorkeeper-couchbaseDoorkeeper Couchbase ORMs
2260,72873,502orchestratorA building and Internet of Things automation system
2367,62873,502condo_active_recordProvides database storage and migrations though utilising ActiveRecord.
2468,12432,070omniauth-ldap2A LDAP strategy for OmniAuth.
2579,33473,502celluloid-presenceNode presence using ZooKeeper for celluloid services
2687,16173,502viewpoint2A Ruby client access library for Microsoft Exchange Web Services (EWS). Examples can b...
27101,02532,070knxConstructs KNX standard datagrams that make it easy to communicate with devices on KNX ...
28122,16373,502uv-priority-queueAsynchronous Priority Queue for use with Libuv
29141,11473,502modbusConstructs Modbus standard datagrams that make it easy to communicate with devices on M...
30142,16073,502condo-couchbaseProvides database storage utilising Couchbase.
31146,34873,502cresipConstructs and parses Crestron IP packets allowing you to communicate with Crestron dev...
32148,23273,502aca-omniauth-jwt-blockingAn OmniAuth strategy to accept JWT-based single sign-on.
33148,56773,502aca-omniauth-jwtAn OmniAuth strategy to accept JWT-based single sign-on.