P0deje's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
1141121selenium-webdriverSelenium implements the W3C WebDriver protocol to automate popular browsers. It aim...
21,062597watirWatir stands for Web Application Testing In Ruby It facilitates the writing of automate...
32,4562,360spring-commands-rubocopRuboCop command for Spring
42,6218,278watir-webdriverWebDriver-backed Watir
52,7443,578yard-doctestExecute YARD examples as tests
63,4453,781webdriver-highlighterAutomatically highlight used elements in Selenium-WebDriver
73,9076,755watir-scrollScrolling API for Watir
84,1521,095selenium-devtoolsSelenium WebDriver now supports limited DevTools interactions. This project allows ...
95,42920,792watir-railsUse Watir (http://github.com/watir/watir) in Rails.
105,95112,235watir-dom-waitWatir extension which provides with method to check for DOM changes.
116,35212,600action_mailer_cache_deliveryCache delivery method for ActionMailer for testing emails with Selenium
127,51733,384watirsomePure dynamic Watir-based page object DSL
1311,25949,414groupdocsWith this SDK, you can seamlessly integrate GroupDocs’ document collaboration tools int...
1413,64449,414watir-timecopWatir::Wait::Timer implementation compatible with Timecop
1515,63033,384webidlBuilt on Treetop, this gem will parse interface declarations in WebIDL and generate rub...
1628,55549,414vagrant-execVagrant plugin to execute commands within the context of VM synced folder
1769,40233,384content-security-policyFull-featured Content Security Policy as Rack middleware
1890,54649,414vagrant-vultrVagrant plugin to use Vultr as provider
19134,27049,414vagrant-moshVagrant plugin to use Mosh to connect to box
20160,37549,414watizzleSizzle.js locator engine for Watir