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#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
12,7195,115sauce[DEPRECATED] A Ruby helper for running tests in Sauce Labs' browser testing cloud servi...
22,9052,957zipkin-tracerAdds tracing instrumentation for ruby applications
33,56918,606sauce-connectA wrapper to start and stop a Sauce Connect tunnel programatically. [DEPRECATED] Sauce...
44,5909,500vagrant-awsEnables Vagrant to manage machines in EC2 and VPC.
55,5927,475blimpyBlimpy is a tool for managing a fleet of machines in the CLOUD!
66,8136,461awestruct-ibeamsCollection of helpful Awestruct extensions and helpers
77,10166,707sauce-cucumberA Cucumber driver to use Sauce Labs with Cucumber and Capybara. Supports job naming, j...
87,4966,407asciidoctor-jenkins-extensionsa collection of Asciidoctor extensions which enable more advanced formatting in Jenkins...
98,85846,107jenkins-wardownload and install a specific version of the jenkins war file which can be used for e...
1011,24846,107hermannRuby gem for talking to Kafka
1113,79146,107lookout-rack-utilsA collection of rack utils.
1217,54851,416stapfenA simple gem for writing good basic workers
1319,51051,416elementary-rpcGem supporting Protobuf RPC over HTTP with futures and fun
1420,88266,707resinA tool for building Amber applications with Ruby
1524,12346,107lookout-statsdA simple ruby statsd client.
1625,34151,416lookout-rack-testRSpec and Cucumber helpers
1729,13635,659rack-requestashA simple gem for overwriting outputting JSON formatted access logs from Rack apps
1830,21966,707lookout-jrubyJRuby hacks for some yaml issues
1932,08566,707fast-rsa-enginethis gem replaces the RSA signature and RSA ciphers from jruby-openssl by a faster impl...
2033,87916,843blimpy-cucumberCucumber steps for testing with Blimpy
2134,97051,416protobuffyGoogle Protocol Buffers serialization and RPC implementation for Ruby.
2238,10566,707leafy-healthprovides an API to register healthchecks which uses dropwizrd-metrics-healthchecks
2338,14866,707leafy-rackrack middleware to expose leafy metrics/health data as well a ping rack and a thread-du...
2438,22251,416leafy-completethis gem has no code only dependencies to all the other leafy gems. it is meant as conv...
2538,32166,707leafy-metricsprovides an API to register metrics like meters, timers, gauge, counter using dropwizar...
2639,87666,707rack-graphiteSimple Rack middleware for logging request counts/timing information
2844,24566,707leafy-loggeradding logback to leafy with yaml configuration and bridges to log4j and jul
3051,94127,174commit2jiraHerpy derpy
3152,83566,707lookout-i18n-jsIt's a small library to provide the Rails I18n translations on the Javascript.
3254,76166,707zipkin-queryClient for accessing the Zipkin query service
3356,19451,416openbananaSimple gem to handle creating DB grants
3468,75366,707lookout-clickatellRuby interface to the Clickatell SMS gateway service.
3580,39851,416uat-matchersA gem providing matchers that aid user acceptance testing
3689,16966,707passagewayA Ruby-based client for localtunnel
3797,57266,707queuewranglerEasily create long running background actions
38104,31466,707typedeafTypedeaf is a gem to help add some type-checking to method declarations in Ruby
39114,76166,707lookout-query_reviewerRuns explain before each select query and displays results in an overlayed div