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#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
1256534web-consoleA debugging tool for your Ruby on Rails applications.
2592651bindexBindings for your Ruby exceptions
39,26125,091nilableNilable object is a tool to handle nil invocations.
49,91225,091timeout_errorsCatch all of them Net::HTTP timeout errors
510,34825,091claudeClaude transparently encrypts and decrypts sensitive Active Record attributes.
629,62519,390minitest-assert_changesIntroduces assert_changes and assert_no_changes to Minitest.
733,54429,445web-console-rails3Rails Console on the Browser, Rails 3 edition.
841,49729,445rack-delegateRack level reverse proxy.
942,01729,445rvtA VT100 compatible terminal, running on Rails.
1042,48329,445carmineRuby client for
1153,02529,445middleman-gh_pagesMiddleman deploy to GitHub that just works.
1286,58329,445web-console-pryPry adapter for Web Console.
1389,88429,445raislWhen you type rails fast.
1498,14629,445serializrPlain and simple JSON serializer.
15102,63925,091earlyChecks for environment variables early in your program.
16106,94625,091breakExperimental debugger in plain Ruby using the TracePoint API
17112,05816,334skiptraceBindings for your Ruby exceptions
18115,44429,445mock_last_statusMocks the $? global variable in Ruby.
19116,77725,091boogahProof of concept debugger in plain Ruby
20118,50529,445bootstra386-railsBootstra.386 for the Rails Assets Pipeline
21121,95229,445nopeNope adds yes, no, on and off into Object.
22134,55829,445to-sWrite to_s fast.
23137,15413,069rspec-xunitXUnit syntax for RSpec
24144,14129,445sg_mailerAction Mailer-like framework for SendGrid transactional mails
25145,15125,091masseCatch those Ruby errors by the masses!
26146,67229,445web-console-compatA debugging tool for your Ruby on Rails applications.
27152,65229,445trashyTrashy let's you soft-delete Active Record models with ease