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#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
1260438web-consoleA debugging tool for your Ruby on Rails applications.
2559571bindexBindings for your Ruby exceptions
39,89739,025nilableNilable object is a tool to handle nil invocations.
410,47634,216timeout_errorsCatch all of them Net::HTTP timeout errors
511,04239,025claudeClaude transparently encrypts and decrypts sensitive Active Record attributes.
625,89611,584minitest-assert_changesIntroduces assert_changes and assert_no_changes to Minitest.
733,49918,352web-console-rails3Rails Console on the Browser, Rails 3 edition.
838,80134,216rack-delegateRack level reverse proxy.
941,05834,216rvtA VT100 compatible terminal, running on Rails.
1044,26439,025carmineRuby client for
1154,00139,025middleman-gh_pagesMiddleman deploy to GitHub that just works.
1257,9256,244breakLightweight Ruby debugger written in plain Ruby using the TracePoint API
1388,95339,025web-console-pryPry adapter for Web Console.
1491,53239,025raislWhen you type rails fast.
1592,61422,695skiptraceBindings for your Ruby exceptions
1693,73534,216earlyChecks for environment variables early in your program.
1794,44414,944rspec-xunitXUnit syntax for RSpec
1897,99739,025serializrPlain and simple JSON serializer.
19105,11822,695boogahProof of concept debugger in plain Ruby
20118,29039,025mock_last_statusMocks the $? global variable in Ruby.
21121,29639,025bootstra386-railsBootstra.386 for the Rails Assets Pipeline
22124,86539,025nopeNope adds yes, no, on and off into Object.
23137,88639,025to-sWrite to_s fast.
24144,27234,216masseCatch those Ruby errors by the masses!
25147,73239,025sg_mailerAction Mailer-like framework for SendGrid transactional mails
26150,60839,025web-console-compatA debugging tool for your Ruby on Rails applications.
27156,23539,025trashyTrashy let's you soft-delete Active Record models with ease