Mhoran's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
1326383redis-storeNamespaced Rack::Session, Rack::Cache, I18n and cache Redis stores for Ruby web framewo...
2343413redis-rackRedis Store for Rack applications
3351418redis-actionpackRedis session store for ActionPack. Used for storing the Rails session in Redis.
4416968redis-activesupportRedis store for ActiveSupport
54811,200redis-railsRedis for Ruby on Rails
62,6933,181redis-rack-cacheA Redis backend store for Rack::Cache
712,1176,878redis-i18nRedis backed store for i18n
814,66026,863redis-sinatraRedis store for Sinatra
997,48277,462neverlandEver need to test geolocation in your Rails app? This gem makes it easy.