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13,0667,229rails-footnotesEvery Rails page has footnotes that gives information about your application and links ...
24,7333,480working_hoursA modern ruby gem allowing to do time calculation with working hours.
315,28146,158rails-canhazA simple gem for managing permissions between rails models
422,53531,859bootstrap_file_input_railsA gem for the bootstrap plugin : bootstrap-file-input
524,87446,158easy_key_valueA simple gem that allows active record models to contain a key / value store for config...
655,45631,859activemodel_errors_typeAllows to get errors type from an activemodel class, as a symbol, prior to the translation
766,55646,158mongoid_countercacheA simple counter cache implemented for mongoid, with neat additions such as lambda eval...
878,64540,005action_mailer_stopCall 'stop!' from an ActionMailer class to abort the delivery of your email
987,99240,005mark_as_readAllows to easily track when an e-mail has been opened
10100,05146,158rainbowvis_railsBringing rainbowvis to the rails asset pipeline
11117,86446,158mongoid-canhazA simple mongoid extention that allows any application using mongoid to manage permissi...
12122,71846,158flag-css-railsGemify the SVG flags from