Mingle-dev's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
15,3147,169eb_deployerFor automating Blue-Green deployment flows on Elastic Beanstalk.
223,08233,727activerecord_partitioningAn ActiveRecord ConnectionPools class supports switching connection pool by database co...
330,37633,727spymemcached.jrubyA JRuby extension wrapping the latest spymemcached client (v2.12.1).
430,80321,558file_column_with_s3File attachment library for ruby
530,83133,727mingle-storageMingle storage API to support filesystem and AWS S3 backed storage
631,92133,727mingle-macro-development-toolkitThis toolkit provides support for developing, testing and deploying custom Mingle macros.
740,49924,324mingle_keyvalue_storeA key value store implementation that uses DynamoDB or Pstore underneath.
853,29933,727mingle_macro_modelsWrapper models used by custom Mingle macros.
968,48533,727selenium-rc-latestThe Selenium Server packaged as a gem
10152,50033,727ranked-model-rails2ranked-model-rails2 is a modern row sorting library built for Rails 2, backported from ...