Kindlinglabs's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
110,43351,583openstax_apiProvides models, controllers and libraries that help OpenStax products define API's for...
212,94346,725openstax_accountsThis gem allows Rails apps to easily access the API's and login infrastructure of OpenS...
314,98751,583levRide the rails but don't touch them.
416,05251,583openstax_utilitiesShared utilities for OpenStax web sites
517,10215,778fine_printFinePrint allows site admins to easily create, update and ask users to sign site agreem...
621,96028,822bullringSafely run untrusted Javascript from Ruby
725,88286,862manifestlyManage multi-site deploy manifests
827,45951,583openstax_rescue_fromCommon exception `rescue_from` handling for OpenStax sites.
929,78611,211openstax_salesforceInterface gem for accessing OpenStax's Salesforce instance
1033,887134,006openstax_connectRails common code and bindings and for 'accounts' API
1138,24751,583babblerCreates nonsense babble in the form of an adjective plus a noun
1247,81260,400jobbaRedis-based background job status tracking.
1355,708134,006openstax_exchangeRuby client for OpenStax Exchange
14153,45825,812openstax_kitchenOpenStax content baking library
15154,81534,815openstax_awsopenstax IaC
16162,487134,006openstax_cnxBindings to fetch and inspect CNX books