Substantial's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
119,2789,498cap-strapBootstrap a machine. Install packages, create a deploy user, upload authorized keys and...
237,04061,339sous-chefManage knife-solo nodes
352,76361,339startlingscript for startling a story
460,06661,339saucierA Capistrano Extension that uses librarian and chef-solo to track your project cookbook...
562,91061,339google-api-middle_manSimplify the Google API using a service account
666,32926,482caption_paperclip_processorAdd captions to images
769,63526,482browser_stack_buttonBrowserStack makes it really easy to test with different browsers, but this makes it ev...
873,32861,339magic_date_parserParses a string representation of a date range and returns a start and end date.
978,63161,339knife_sousKnife plugin for managing knife-solo nodes
1085,42961,339startling_trelloStartling Trello integration
1187,21061,339startling_pivotalStartling Pivotal Integration
1292,95961,339guard-simple_shellA guard that runs a shell command once, even when there are multiple file changes
1395,55761,339wemux-pairFirewall punching remote pairing with wemux made easy
14113,82861,339flowdock-build-notifierNotifies Flowdock about builds.
15151,79761,339substantial-sunspot_railsSunspot::Rails is an extension to the Sunspot library for Solr search. Sunspot::Rai...